DiNapoli Expert Harry Panesar:

Like many traders, my background is in IT and maths. The challenges in these
fields were never quite enough and usually resulted in boredom and lack of
motivation. My trading career began in 2003 and the challenges have never
stopped since, giving me a profession that is truly meaningful and

Also like many others, I was culprit to the endless search for the Holy
Grail. Looking for a way to make profits quickly and easily. Having blown
several accounts in the process, it was clear that a more structured and
comprehensive approach would be needed. After completing several courses on
Fibonacci analysis, I finally came across Joe’s work. The quest for
perpetual knowledge stopped here. I focused all energies in understanding
Joe’s methodology and it was at this point my trading transformed for the

I have attended both basic and advanced seminars in Bangkok and also in
Chicago. In my opinion, this is a must. This wonderful journey of trading is
so largely connected to self-discovery. Being amongst likeminded individuals
at these seminars gives one the chance to introspect. For me, this has been
amongst the most important lessons gained.
Thank you Joe for giving me this opportunity.

I mainly trade index futures on an intraday basis, in the European and US

I am honoured and privileged to assist in this forum and look forward to
helping and exchanging ideas with you all.

My best

Harry Panesar(Hardeep)

August 2008