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Forum Guide & About
 CIS Forum : Guide & About

Coast Investment Software Member Facilities.
The DiNapoli workshop forum pages host a series of topics as well as responses designed to benefit traders employing DiNapoli methodologies. While the discussion of other trading approaches is not prohibited, it is suggested that the thrust of the dialogue center around applications relating to the trading methodology for which these member pages were created. There are many general chat pages for those of you who would like to discuss a broader variety of topics.
Reading messages.
Click on the desired forum topic.
Replying to messages.
If you see a topic or a reply you are interested in responding to, you can reply by typing your message in the text box (Post Reply) at the bottom of the page. You can click a button when you finish your post.

You may post your "Trading Ideas" to the forum as well as ask questions or comment on existing topics. This forum is for educational purposes only, it is not intended as a trading advisory.
Starting a new topic.
Simply click the new topic button.

After clicking on this button, you will see an empty message box for your message to be entered.
Including charts in your message.
Viewing a list of topics.
Click on the "CIS Forum" text link at the left top of the page to return to the top-level list of all topics. This link will get you back to the workshop forum page.
About data and charts displayed in the forums.
Clients of this website should be aware of the following circumstances concerning chart data and calculations derived from that data:

1. The various quote services used by clients, traders and experts can transmit data which may differ from actual market prices. These services can also transmit data which differs from each other on the same date or timeframe.

2. Continuous charts can differ not only as a result of (1) above, but from the method of construction. Some consist of nearby contracts to expiration, whereas others will roll over a set number of days before expiration, and others will be adjusted to eliminate gaps from contract to contract. The best way to construct continuous charts for our purposes is described on page 295 of "Trading with DiNapoli Levels".

3. Many futures contracts are traded overnight or up to 24 hours per day on Globex. Others, such as financials, have second or night sessions. Some charts will include these additional sessions while others will not.

Taking the above into consideration, you can expect differing calculations when discussing DiNapoli techniques on these pages.

About the DiNapoli Forums.
Everyone accessing these pages should be mature enough to realize we are not making outright trade recommendations, and also that all trading techniques are not appropriate for all human personalities. If participants use this information for trading purposes, they take responsibility for their own actions. Any abuse of the forums by people who have been punished by the markets and then do not take responsibility for their actions will result in their access being revoked. This means no whining, or other disruptive behavior! (Not that we expect this to happen, but be warned that a mark of professional traders is their ability to take responsibility for their actions.)
DiNapoli Workshop.
This forum is for DiNapoli clients to communicate with each other, with Joe DiNapoli himself and the "DiNapoli Expert" contributors.

Discussion of anything to do with DiNapoli Techniques is appropriate. Some general trading topics are tolerated too. This is where we learn from each other, so "dumb questions" are encouraged.

If you want to know whether you are looking at a Double-RePo or a Bread-And-Butter, ask here, and post an accompanying chart if possible. Everyone is welcome to ask and answer questions here.
Trading Ideas.
You are welcome to post but be prepared for questions or comments that may be from more advanced traders. The trading ideas discussed here will be a mixture of real-time and after-the fact educational ideas. Again, they are not intended as actual trade recommendations, even if they look good enough to trade. The purpose is to make you a better trader, not to provide "hot tips". Trading on the basis of "hot tips", is a sign of inexperience. Study before risking money! Because we treat this role seriously, our commentary may appear as though they are real trades. The "DiNapoli Experts" may or may not have positions in the instruments under discussion.

Our ambition is to post trading ideas that are relevant to the book "Trading With DiNapoli Levels", because that book clearly condenses all the concepts required to trade successfully. The contributors who post to the "Trading Ideas" forum may inadvertently include some text which is relevant to their own style and perspectives. Joe DiNapoli reserves the right to edit these postings as time permits, to avoid confusion. Do not be surprised if a posting changes after it is published, or if Joe posts an outright correction/retraction/ periodically. This is part of the nature of a real-time interactive educational/learning process.
Enjoy the forums! Compared to other services for traders, this should give you a substantial edge in the markets! Learn from each other, the path to success can be enjoyable and rewarding as well as dangerous.

Trade diligently. There is a hand-written sign hanging in Joe's trading room, "We are all ONE TRADE AWAY from humility", it says.

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