DiNapoli Expert: Fábio Roberto Incontri

My name Is Fábio Roberto Incontri , Brazilian , 46 years old from São Sebastião/ SP

Back in 2014 i started to get interested on trading. At first i thought that it would be easy, and would give the freedom that i always wanted. It was not this way. I had the wrong approach and poor Money management skills. I made one Thousand in two days... i lost all of it in one day, so i realized where i was.

My background is in Civil Engineer. Although i liked it, i was really tired of my profession. My life was chaos. I had no time for my Family and for myself. Often i was getting sick due to overload of work. My dream to change my life and become a professional trader became part of me. It was in my blood stream, it quickly became my passion

By 2016 after 2 years studying everything i could about trading i was still trading poorly. I was in doubt and i never believed that someone else would teach me anything about trading. The people i contacted were sticky sellers. i had given up the idea to find a mentor but one day i came across Joe DiNapoli's name and i decided to sneak into his web site buy his book and that was the first time i saw serious ,hi class people teaching professionally. The technique was something outstanding, so i knew that i was at right place.

Ever since i started the learning path , i read TWDL Book 5 times ,joined Pieter van WyK DLFF , joined Joseph Auxano weekly focus , took Joseph/Joe DAP program , after three years trading DiNapoli Techniques i went to Thailand in 2019 and attended Joseph Auxano standard private seminar. A few days after i attended Joe DiNapoli advanced seminar, it was the game changer in my trading carrier .

I have traded the Forex market and Futures S&P500. Nowadays i trade Brazilian Futures Market USD X BRL. I trade this market, intraday using D levels with potential for good risk/ reward. My next step is to trade Brazilian Stock Market based on higher time frames.


DiNapoli Traders – Thanks you all, i have learned a lot from you

All Experts – Thank you all, every one of you has given a contribution to my learning

Pieter van WyK- Thanks for all of your help through this path.

Joseph Auxano – really would like to thanks you for those 2 days in your trading room, aside of all knowledge you passed over , i really felt as if i was with a friend that i knew for long time .

Joe Dinapoli – I have no words to describe this good friend, without him nothing of this would be possible...

Manuela Incontri- My beautiful and loved wife, your support and love makes my life pleasant every single day

Carlos and Inacia Incontri – My father and mother, you are spectacular, the foundation of my life …

It´s a honor become a DiNapoli expert, and my goal is to keep helping new traders in this forum. I want to give a chance for people from Brazil who are not able to speak English the ability to learn our technique by breaking the language barrier. First step is to release the Book TWDL translated in Portuguese by the end of 2020, and there will be more to come...

“There will be a day that you find out that trading is not all about money. It is all about passion and love for what you do. Money can become a consequence of it and flow like water.

Fabio Incontri