DiNapoli Expert Jason Zeng:

Jason Zeng is a trader and a financial manager living in San Francisco, California. He currently is the President of Marketflow Strategies, LLC, an investment consulting and education firm aiming to serve clients in Asia, especially in regions of Greater China.

Jason has had many successful years as a financial manager in Vantone Investment Group, Bank of America, GetRelevant, and Terra Lycos. He is the winner of the Finance Excellence Award from Bank of America as well as the President Award from GetRelevant, Inc.

As a trader Jason started his participation in the markets in 1995. He first learned the system trading methodology from a famous industry guru. After three years of system designing, back-testing and trading, he registered as a commodity pool operator (CPO) and founded Bright Futures Fund with a partner in 1998. The fund was a mix of success and failure. Jason later was introduced to the DiNapoli-levels trading in 1999. He finds that this unique judgmental trading style is more suitable to individual traders, especially himself. Since then Jason have been studying and trading with Joe DiNapoli's method exclusively.

Jason strongly believe that Joe's trading method makes a successful trading career possible for anybody who dedicates him/herself to learning it and applying.
He always reminds himself: keep fit, plan the trade and trade the plan. Also, smile and relax, market will still be there tomorrow.