DiNapoli Expert Pieter van Wyk:

I have always had an interest in the markets. My first trade took place in 2000 during my University studies when I bought out of the money options 2 days from expiry not knowing what they were, I quickly learnedů

From there the learning curve started. In 2003, after receiving my Bachelor degree in Economics, I actively became involved in the markets trading full-time for a local brokerage firm focusing primarily on technical analysis and moving averages. By chance I came across Joe's work in mid-2003 and it totally transformed my trading. I studied Trading with DiNapoli Levels many times and bought everything Joe had to offer.

After attending a private seminar in Bangkok during June 2006 and an advanced seminar shortly after that, my trading really took shape, but still I know the learning will never stopů

I currently trade my own account and manage a few close friends' money.

My thanks to Joe for all the input into my and many other traders' lives. It is an honour and privilege to serve as Expert on this forum.

Pieter van Wyk

June 2008