DiNapoli Expert Shahid Aziz:

My trading career began around October 2006 where I got into an FX intro course which led me into a trading education scam. I learned my lesson and moved on trying to find a method and mentor who could help me find the right direction. Luckily I was in Bangkok in March 2007 with Joe himself. The Standard P. Seminar opened my eyes and even though I had gone through TWDL 4 times my trading career was about to begin.

From the beginning up until now I have done three Standard seminars and one Advance seminar with Joe and have spent about 2 plus years understanding and applying the methodology. In my opinion having the proper context for the trade and then being able to pin point the entry and exits gives you an edge that most other methods lack.

Currently I trade full time, managing money for a few friends. I exclusively trade DiNapoli style. I am privileged to be on the forums as the newest DiNapoli expert and will do my best to answer questions along with other experts.

Shahid Aziz

June 2009