DiNapoli Expert Acrux Pang:

I had been interested in trading for many years and helped run a trading contest in college. My first 'live' trading using technical indicators was in 2005 in spot FX. I read various books and tried many methods, never lasting long with each, even as I maintained a curiosity for Fibonacci levels. However, there were just so many levels it wasn't practical for me at all. As such, I was stuck with trading EURUSD for the initial 4 years, constantly struggling to make sense of the markets.

Fortunately for me, I ran into Joe early enough in my trading life at a trading seminar in 2009. I was struck by the comprehensiveness of D-levels which yet retained its simplicity. My interest was piqued enough to join my first private session in 2010, and I was glad I did. I trade mainly stocks and FX. I still preserve an open mind on other methods but D-levels will remain my primary tool, just because it works!

I currently work in a bank, advising clients on their investment portfolios. Meanwhile, I am still working towards my goal of trading full-time. I am honoured and fortunate to be able to share views and learn with other members on the forum.

Acrux Pang