DiNapoli Expert Derek Ching:


My facination with the markets started early in college while the movie Wall Street hit the forefront in '85. After graduating in finance, I still felt a gap between course academics and what I perceived from hearing about successes with real traders making a livelihood at what they do. Is this real and how does this industry work?

I started my journey with more than a handful of educators, systems, chatrooms, workshops and tradeshows over a period of years finding many who were great salespeople -- not traders. In the course of accumulating a destructive wealth of education in my own trading, I was getting frustrated with the sheer amount of information focused on reactive versus proactive styles of trading till I came upon Joe's work.

I read his book over and again before attending the private seminars. I've been very pleased to find a style that allows me to proactively formulate a plan with the flexibility and creativity necessary to make adjustments in my approach as markets "do what they do". As I began to digest the application of advanced Fibonacci strategies, the importance of simplicity and clarity made sense.

Participation in these forums has been invaluable with the experts providing feedback based on their experiences as a guide. Better yet -- no ego, just a sharing of insights that have helped me improve applying what we learn.

Currently, I've widened the scope of markets I trade beyond Forex maintaining a Series 3 & 30 license as a registered Commodities Trade Advisor working with retail and institutional clients. As managing director of Oahu Capital, I am also honored at being able to assist within the DiNapoli organization along with sharing my views here.

Happy to help where I can.