DiNapoli Expert Joseph Auxano:

'Trading for a Living.'

This dream was seeded in my mind way back in 2004. My interest in the markets began with a certain curiosity, by applying academics learnt predominately with a fundamental analysis approach to the Financial markets, coming from a Finance background.

My venture into the stock markets had the worst possible outcome. I made a lot of money between 2005/06, largely due to luck and a mis-use of leverage. Claims of 300-500% returns per year were not unheard of in the trading 'education' business... Having experienced that kind of euphoria myself before, I can say that these one-offs although possible, will not last long. Its common for beginners to future pace their trading performance based of trading performance of ie 1 month... without taking into consideration the risks that was undertaken to achieve that return and the manner it was attained.

In May 2006 I wiped out my trading account, as my mis-use of leverage, and ill-advised approach to the markets, was found out.
We always hear claims of people making money from the financial markets, from time to time. The truth is in the long-run, 90% of traders lose money. I chose to focus on the 10% of traders that are consistently profitable year after year. I thought to myself, if only 10% of traders are profitable, than they must be making ALOT! That began my relentless search for a proven approach to being successful in the financial markets..

Fate and Good fortune has it that I met Joe DiNapoli at a Conference in Singapore in 2007. I got introduced to DiNapoli Levels, through his best selling book, Trading with Dinapoli Levels. I was moved by his sincerity and no nonsense approach in offering sound advice, wisdom that would save new traders alot of experience, money, and TIME... The first day I started reading TWDL, I immediately contacted Pat, to try to get onto one of Joe's limited Private Seminars, knowing that I have found the approach I was desperately seeking for. That decision shaped my trading career.

My Journey with DiNapoli Levels began. Since that time, I have attended 3 basic and 1 advance seminar, thrice in Joe's trading room, and once in Chicago, trading a small account during that period, with the aim of mastering the methodology through application, and mastering my psychology of trading the methodology.
Late 2008, after attending the advance seminar with Joe DiNapoli, where we traded live together in his trading room, I started full time trading, and have not looked back since. Late 2010, I took a 6 month trading break and traveled around North America, enjoying the freedom and lifestyle trading truly offers.

Today, I am a DiNapoli Trader, trading the financial markets full time, period. I mainly trade the currency markets, ES and some commodities.
I strongly believe that Joe's recommended learning path, allows anyone with the right mix of dedication, willingness & persistence to give time to learn and master the methodology to have a successful trading career, having been through the learning path myself, right from the start.

I was, like you, someone that believes in chasing his dreams and have chosen trading for a living as the means, and have the good fortune to receive guidance from Joe DiNapoli early on. Having walked this learning path, I empathize and know what it takes to successfully thread this path of self discovery and learning, to becoming, a consistently successful trader.

As President of Auxano Capital, I see myself passing on that dream to others, as my way of paying it forward... to share what I have learnt and experienced, as a DiNapoli Trader, to others that will continue to tread this very fulfilling path. I am honored to be able to serve as a DiNapoli Expert on this forum.

Joseph Auxano
June 2011
- Take that step... and chase your dreams. Live it.