DiNapoli Expert Keiron Herbert:

Gudday,       Yes an Australian!

My background extends back quiet a way- actually more years than I care to remember.

I, like many others, had built up a modest stock portfolio in absolute ignorance, only to have it wiped out in the 1987 crash. It was at that point that I became determined to understand a lot more about this animal called The market; before I exposed one more cent in ignorance. From this started an almost ten year self-teaching investigation of both markets, and systems to trade them in. The systems were clearly the problem - wild claims and crappy results seemed to be the norm.

Then by slim chance , I met Joe at the roll out of his indicators into GFTs platform , back in 2001 . His presentation mesmerized me! It was the first approach that actually could predict behavior reliably - I was hooked!

At that time, I wasnt using D-Levels. I figured I was pretty smart, owning and running a very successful medical design and manufacturing business while turning nice, big profits trading as a side job. That was, until I completely Blew Up! How very humbling that was. I realised that to truly understand, I needed a mentor. I booked my first Psem.

Joes friendship, honesty and genuine sincerity to see we, the students succeed, really impressed me. I also had the additional benefit of having Pieter van Wyk  as a mentor and friend. Joe and Pieter are the entire reason I am where I am today.

Many years ago I used the motto If it moves, Ill trade it&these days its Is it D-level reliable?

Thank you for the award and privilege of being invited to be an expert. I will do whatever I can to help other traders coming up. Hopefully they can learn from my mistakes.

Keiron Herbert
Managing Director
Spintron Pty Ltd
Healey Trading Pty Ltd.