DiNapoli Expert: Monchai Kongthanapakdi

Monchai Kongthanapakdi

I am the president of Wealth Streams Futures Co., Ltd., a member of Thailand Agricultural Futures Exchange. I trade and invest full time and specialize in DiNapoli Levels techniques.

I also own others 2 trading physical commodity business ranging from food to consumer products.

“Luck occurs when Good Preparation meet the Opportunity”

I graduated MBA, major in Finance from USA and have been in finance industry as investment banker, commodity and equity trader over 10 years before meeting Joe DiNapoli on May 1st, 2011.

All the basic knowledge and experience in finance provided me some understanding of the Chaotic world of finance but it could not allow me to go very far until I met Joe who taught me how the trading world is actually functioning. And with the DiNapoli trading method, the jigsaw puzzle becomes clearer as time passes by bridging the "theory” and the “world class practice" into one.

Just like a Good Preparation meet the Opportunity this brought Luck into my life.