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Forum Terms and definitions
 CIS Forum : Terms and definitions

Terms and definitions

Fade: to go against a move or signal

Y, Q, M, W, D, DA, WK: refers to time frame

*F3 or *F5: refers to a Primary node

CCY or ccy: Currency

NB: Node breaker, this refers to a particuliar pattern used to break D-levels

RV: revisited, applies to a D-level, respected or not, this occurs when price returns to the level after penetration. Support becomes resistance and Visa versa

Respected : refers to price action being effected by the existance of a D-level

Folcrum: A price level of major signifiance, ususlly at a D-level. Above the folcrum price is expected to go up and below price is expected to go down.

SOR Scalp O Rama: a Scalping trade plan

Stop Grabber: A sophisticated use of the MACDP to locate immediate changes in movement usually leading to stop cleaning

MACDP: MACD Predictor, a leading indicator version of the DiNapoli MACD with amazing properties and multiple uses

TWDL: “Trading With DiNapoli Levels”

Dbl RePo, DRPO, DR: a directional signal Chapter 6 TWDL

MACDP failure: previous name for the Stop Grabber, no longer used

Dynamic Pressure: A use of the MACDP that helps to determine a markets strength or weakness in multiple timeframe.

OB/OS: Overbought and Oversold

Kibby trade: A narrowly defined trade plan dealing with Overbought and Oversold

LAL: a Look-A-Like pattern. these are patterns that are close to meeting the criteria of the directional patterns discussed in "trading with DiNapoli Levels" but are not quite exact.

VBO: Volatility Break Out

WR or W&R: Wash and Rinse

RRT: The Railroad Track

POR or R: point of recognition on a RRT

MTP: Modified trade plan -- a trade plan that has you looking for directional patterns or big numbers to lean against

B&B= Bread & Butter

Pattern Failures: For e.g. Triangle Breakout Failure and H&S Failure. These are directional patterns that you take once you have a confirmation that the classic pattern has failed.

Stretch: Another directional pattern based on two leading indicators 1. Fib Based Support/Resistance and Oscillator Predictor based OB/OS levels in close proximity

Charts: If you are placing a chart in for evaluation or comment by members of the group it is VITAL that it be Clear. If you have multiple issues GENERATE SEPERATE Clear charts to illustrate each point. Space is Cheap.

There have been numbers of charts presented just lately which have full black backgrounds or fluorescent colored backgrounds which seriously detract the eye/mind from focusing on the price data and indicator tools. No Spaghetti charts.

If you haven’t noticed you should- Joe’s charts ,Pieter’s, Jason’s if fact ALL of the Experts charts are free of Loud colored contrasts and where a more complex question comes up MULTIPLE charts are offered( each Clear) to make analysis easier and less prone to errors.

K: confluence

LPO: Logical Profit Objective

PPT: Plunge Protection Team

Agreement: Combination of Expansions and Retracements to form strong support or resistance

DOM: Depth Of Market


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