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DiNapoli Trading Video (DVD version) with Merrick Okamoto.$179.00 (USD)

Four hours and 20 minutes of detailed instruction by Joe DiNapoli and one of his most successful students, professional trader, Merrick Okamoto.
Joe teaches the Leading Indicator, Trend, and Pattern techniques that have benefited so many.
Merrick teaches Momentum Stock trading and Sector analysis from a market maker's (he was one) and institutional point of view.

DiNapoli Trading Video (NTSC VHS TAPE version) with Merrick Okamoto.
Trading With DiNapoli Levels. $162.00 (USD)

The book "Trading With DiNapoli Levels": 300 pages of trading techniques. "All of my best trading patterns and rules revealed in detail."
Trading Course$275.00 (USD)

Joe DiNapoli's, "Fibonacci, Money Management, and Trend Analysis, In Home Trading Course": Consists of an MP3 (compressed audio) formatted CD, a 120 page Instruction Manual. WITHOUT the Proportional Divider and Applications Manual.
Book, and Trading Course.$375.00 (USD)
(savings $62)
The book "Trading With DiNapoli Levels": 300 pages of trading techniques. "All of my best trading patterns and rules revealed in detail." Plus Fibonacci, Money Management and Trend Analysis In Home Trading Course. This option does not include the Proportional Divider and Applications Manual.
Book, Trading Course, & DVD.$495.00 (USD)
(savings $121)
The book "Trading With DiNapoli Levels": 300 pages of trading techniques. "All of my best trading patterns and rules revealed in detail." Plus Fibonacci, Money Management and Trend Analysis In Home Trading Course with the Trading video DVD
Private Seminar.

Two day, intense tutorials are held in Joe DiNapoli's trading room. Prerequisites apply and availability is limited. Schedule and pricing information are available here. Be sure you receive confirmation of your attendance by emailing Joe directly.
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DiNapoli Proprietary Client Web Pages - One month. $40.00 (USD)

Interact with DiNapoli clients and 16 Authorized DiNapoli experts from around the globe.
See our software studies in action. Get specific trading ideas from qualified DiNapoli experts. Read special informational articles and talk to Joe DiNapoli!
DiNapoli Proprietary Client Web Pages - One quarter.$100.00 (USD)

If you want, a real trading learning experience, get a value discount for one of the most valuable forums available anywhere on the planet. Real traders, usable solutions
FibNodes 5.0 for Windows. (Internet Download only.)$195.00 (USD)

This is a stand alone product, no data feed is necessary.
The Coast Trading Package (CTP) XP/ W7/W10/Mobile Devices.Click here to order

The New Coast Trading Package is a module available with Trade Navigator Gold charting software from Genesis. Please click on the link to your left for more details. Before placing your order in the Miscellaneous section below, we would like you to contact Derek at He will make sure you are set up with exactly what you want and provide you with answers to any questions you may have. After setting up the software, under the direction of Genesis you may order the D-levels subscription.
DiNapoli Predictor Pack for TradeStation Pro. (Internet Download only.)$345.00 (USD)

DiNapoli Predictor Pack, ELDs for TradeStation Pro. Includes the following indicators in ELD format: DiNapoli MACD (DEMA), DiNapoli Preferred Stochastic, DiNapoli Detrended Oscillator, Displaced Moving Averages: 3X3 7X5 25X5, Oscillator-Predictor and the MACD-Predictor. We need your version # and customer ID #. Please put in the Misc section below
DiNapoli Thrust Scanner. (Available in the Coast Trading Package and Ninja)$195.00 (USD)

DiNapoli Thrust Scanner a module contained within trade Navigator (CTP) The Coast Trading Package. It helps you identify patterns described in chapter 6 of Trading With DiNapoli Levels. You order it and we turn it on. You have a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Staff at Genesis will enable this module upon notification by CIS staff
For access to and payment for the DiNapoli Thrust scanner in Ninja please click this link
On-line Tax Seminar. (Internet Download only.)$20.00 (USD)

This on-line seminar has been saved as a Windows Media Video (WMV). Bob Besson, Actuarial Tax Specialist and Joe DiNapoli introduce you to the massive advantages of Defined Benefit retirement plans, a structure normally used only by large corporations. Given the correct setup, you can legally fund a trading account, tax free, as well as deferring taxes on all gains. Available only to clients that have purchased a product from CIS.
D-Levels Financial Forecast (Monthly billing)$79.00 (USD)

To order click here You will be taken to an alternate order form
Pieter van Wyk (author of D-levels Financial Forecast and an expert in DiNapoli methodologies) employs Joe's advanced trading tactics on Indexes, Currencies, Bonds, Metals, Energies, Grains and more... Each week, Pieter defines trends and projects key Support and Resistance Levels well in advance of market action. You will be automatically billed until you notify us to cancel your subscription.

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