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Seminars by:
Authorized DiNapoli Trainers
Shahid Aziz
Pieter van Wyk
(South Africa)
Piotr Grela
Jason Zeng
Derek Ching
Joseph Auxano
South America)

Scheduled DiNapoli Training Courses
Individual tutoring is provided by some trainers on request
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DiNapoli Private Seminars:

We offer two types of Structured Private seminars, Standard and Advanced. Some trainers also offer individual tutoring at a time and place convienient to the client and trainer.

The Standard Private seminars are offered by all Trainers. They are usually on weekends and are 2 days of thorough review of what is in DiNapoli Levels as well as the introduction of new material that has been developed since the book, Trading course, and DVD were produced. There is about half a day of computer related workshop, the rest is a heavy dose of hands-on learning and a thorough discussion of things that just can't be covered in a larger seminar format. Market manipulation techniques by major participants (hedge funds and proprietary trading firms) are also covered so you will understand what they are doing when you see it happen. Since these are limited to 6 traders they are hard to get into.
If you want to be placed on the notification list let me know.

The Advanced Private seminars are just that and they are harder to get into than standard P-sems. We get together, analyze and trade. The process can be daunting for newer traders even though it is required that everyone attend a standard private seminar before attending an advanced.

Typically we get together for a few hours on a Sunday evening and discuss the current markets. On the next 2 days, we trade. It can be quick and challenging. We have at least 2 computers set up with real and simulated accounts. You create positions for me and I do the same for you. We trade for better or for worse. It's a lot of fun but usually I limit attendance to 4 or 5 and that leaves most of you waiting sometimes 2 years or more to get in. Also past (Advanced) attendees have priority and almost everyone returns if they can.

We get together for the European opening, early Monday afternoon-- trade for a few hours or until dinner time & break. We reconvene for trading the emini and American markets on Monday evening. If workshop instruction is needed away from the computer that's fine. We go into the other room and I'm available to help each of you with individual questions. Trading takes precedence over workshop activities however. Tuesday we do it all again. If we have the room and Internet ports, you are welcome to hook up your own computer.

I only offer one or two advanced seminars a year and the reason is essentially selfish. I can't trade size when I'm teaching and over two days I usually give up at least one serious money making trade. While I enjoy the seminars they can cost me money to give. Sometimes serious money. So, I limit the number I offer.

My experience is that most of you can not really absorb more than 2.5 days of intense learning and trading... So why pay for more?
I limit these advanced 2.5 day seminars to 4 or 5, if a group that was here already, wants to come back as a group.

Finally consider this: If you have had a standard Private Seminar and you would like to have another just say the word- You have priority seating. Top of the list! Some of my best clients are those that have had multiple standard P-sems before ever taking an advanced P-sem.
It's not what the seminar is called, its what you are able to learn and what you are ready to absorb that makes the difference.

Cost structure:
Standard 2 day: Costs vary according to the trainer $1100 - 1500USD
Advanced 2.5 day:Bangkok $1800USD
Individual tutoring:Negotiated price

A $300-500 cancellation fee applies if we cannot fill your seat.

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