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Dear Joe,

Without doubt, your seminar was the best I ever attended, and I have been to several. Some of the so-called gurus were too superficial. Some were more interesting in supporting their egos than in teaching. Some dusted off the standard indicators without adding useful insights to trading them. Some professed to have a unique approach that had a high probability of success, but never revealed the details necessary to fully understand the process for implementation. Some offered impressive back-tested results of their proprietary(?) systems but had never traded them in real time. Some had the personality of a train wreck and thus couldn't teach a squad of troops with diarrhea how to get to the latrine. I could go on and on, but you get the message.

With that experience, I arrived at your home with skeptical anticipation, at best. That feeling was soon relieved. Your reception was warm. The atmosphere for learning was friendly. The method of instruction was designed to accommodate each attendee's personal needs. Your desire to imbue the proper trading skills was obviously sincere. The approach was hands-on rather than professional. The structure was flexible. A thorough understanding of a key principle was required before the instruction moved forward. All in all, the instructional experience was most enlightening. On top of that, it was fun, an essential to the learning process. Anyone who did not go away a significantly better trader should not have come in the first place.

What was taught? Simple. The Plan, the Plan, toujours le Plan. Consistent profits would follow if one followed religiously a reasonable plan-not with blinders, but with a flexible discipline.

The idea that a trading plan is paramount over financial reward is not an easy concept to embrace. However, the more on analyses it, the more sense that notion makes. Profit won't result unless the plan works. If one is not getting profits, either the plan is faulty of its execution is flawed.

Moreover, a good plan account for the probability of losses-and, there will be some. However, when such accountability is incorporated in the plan, their appearance is not destructive to the mind of the pocketbook. The amount of profits will exceed, to an acceptable degree, the losses. If it does not, again either the plan is at fault of its execution is. Thus, there is a built-in test of the plan. Its success will bring happiness because that will not only insure profits, but also will satisfy one's ego, thirst for success in an adverse environment, desire for excitement, wish to prove one's self, or any other motivational itch. So, however you put it, proper execution of a good plan is tantamount to financial success and thereby is the goal to be achieved.

I won't comment on the detailed elements of the plan you taught except to say that it is comprehensive, executable by laymen and includes entry and exit techniques, money management principles and personal discipline factors essential to all levels of trading in any markets.

What else can I say other than, "Thank you, Joe." The experience was most pleasurable and rewarding. I look forward to some future association.

C C 2003

Perspective of a DiNapoli Private Seminar from a very successful bond pit local with over 25 years experience:

I started trading off the floor recently , after more than twenty years in the pits .It didn't take long for me to realize this was going to be a harder transition than I thought . Seeking Joe D. out was a great trade in itself . Joe has years of valuable trading experience and his teaching skills put him over the top . I can honestly say that , since working with Joe , my trading skills have improved immensely . The critical difference is knowing what entry/exit points will give you an optimal risk/ reward ratio and Joe DiNopoli delivered . Thanks Joe .---------Chicago .

M.H. 2/2003

Hi Joe,

This letter is long overdue.
I want to thank you and pat for your hospitality, and your visionary of bangkok.
Joe, the 3 days advance course proved to be both enlightening and educational.
It pulled together several grey areas of fibonacci work.
I am more confident with trading the market, and also more succeful with a
higher percentage of winners.

Your insight in choosing a small class for this course proved to be good in
that it allowed for more individual attention, pertaining to the student areas
of concern or weakness.

It has been an honor to be taught by a master in this field of study.
I can cleary say your sincereity in bestowing your knowledge was not lost
on me .

K R 2003

Hi Joe,

I wanted to drop you a note and wish you and Pat a happy New Year.
As I reflect back my highlight for the year was Bangkok. It was great to leave the cell phone at home the employeesto do there job by them self's.

The most fun I had was getting to know you and Pat how blessed can someone be to end up with friends like the both of you.
10 days was just to short but what a fantastic time it was the best. Fantasyland, a lot different then the one I experienced at Disneyland. I was also able to learn about trading the markets.

I hope to go back to Thailand again next year so keep me updated on when you will be going back and of course another super seminar.

Happy New Year
D G 2003

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