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The Coast Trading Package V5.0 - Available for purchase now!

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If you need guidance or advice:

there are 2 key people you can speak with, Sean and Derek.

Sean is a key player at Genesis while Derek is our (CIS) front line support and contact person for CTP. Sean has the final word regarding data issues since you will buy data from Genesis, not from Coast.

Sean, Genesis sales: 800 808-3282 extension 124 or 719 260-8145 or 719 884-0268

Derek, at
USA 1 808-838-7500
Asia +65 9088 6721

Genesis offers a variety of data options for Stocks, Futures, Forex and Options:

1) Real-Time = $119mo. + Exchange Fees (includes stocks, futures, forex, and options)
(Real-Time data will only be applied to markets that you pay exchange fees.)
Otherwise you will receive streaming 10-20minute delayed data.

2) Real-Time for Forex Markets Only = $50mo., does NOT include stock, futures or options data or charting.
3) Streaming Delayed $99 mo. (includes Stocks, Futures, Forex & Options)
4) 10-20minute Delayed $65 mo. (includes Stocks, Futures, Forex & Options)
5) End-of-Day (EOD) Data (different pricing depending on Markets).

The real time ($119 plus exchange fees) and delayed streaming ($99/Mo) allows one to update EOD on two machines as well as switch the real time/delayed streaming between two machines an unlimited number of times. But, you can not stream real time or delayed on two machines simultaneously with out a second subscription.

If you want to subscribe to ESignal's live data, you can import the data to use with your Genesis and CTP charts. However, you will also need to subscribe to Genesis EOD Data in order for the charting history to work. Otherwise your annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily charts would not be complete.

Genesis still offers end of day with delayed quotes automatically updated during the trading session as frequently as every ten minutes (quote board refresh). No exchange fees.

Clients must also have at least an end of day account with Genesis to view DiNapoli studies in CTP.

Overseas Data

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