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All software directly produced by Coast Investment Software Inc. or software offered by companies we partner with, has been rigorously tested by Joe DiNapoli or a member of his team. This testing insures to the highest degree possible, Accuracy, Ease of use, and Reliability.
Our partners charting software may offer the full suite of DiNapoli indicators or only the non-proprietary indicators.

The All New Coast Trading Package
Partnered with Genesis. Very Economical considering what you get... and Simple to use:
High quality graphics with the full suite of DiNapoli indicators. For the EOD or intra-day trader.
Subscription to the full suite DiNapoli Studies on CTP
CQG simply the best
Partnered with CQG. Joe DiNapoli has used CQG's flagship product, Integrated Client, for over 35 years. It is not cheap but it's worth it.
If you are not ready for the best, you can get very close to it by ordering their Qtrader product. It is much less expensive and retains most of the Integrated Client features. You can even get it free by opening an account with AMP trader. There will still be charges for our indicators however. Here's a comparison link.
The cleanest Data, the best interface, the full suite of DiNapoli indicators. For the Daily based or intra-day trader.
Subscription to the full suite DiNapoli Studies on CQG
DiNapoli Proprietary studies and free Client page access now available in NinjaTrader. NinjaTrader® is one of our recommended trading software and brokerage platforms preferred by traders worldwide including our clients.

Subscription to the full suite DiNapoli Studies on NinjaTrader®.

Click here to Download NinjaTrader for FREE
DiNapoli Proprietary studies now available in EXERIA web based trading software which includes all DiNapoli Proprietary trading tools and free Client page ( CIS Forum ) access !

What more do You get ? Click here to find out
DZH International
The full suite of DiNapoli Indicators...
Check out their website. Contact info in Singapore is 65 6323 1663 (sales) or 65 6323 0118 (help desk).
Tan is responsible for support
Derek Ching +65 9088 6721 or 312-239-8860
Created and fully supported by CIS.
Economical and properly designed DiNapoli Level calculator.
The Thrust scanner
Created and fully supported by CIS.
Find DiNapoli Directional patterns easily.
Predictor Pack currently newly programmed and available... one time charge, upgrades free for one year
Created and fully supported by CIS.
For TradeStation users only, includes the Oscillator Predictor, MACD Predictor and all DiNapoli indicator formulas.... in ELD format. Why guess? Get it right from the start.
MACD Predictor
Created and fully supported by CIS.Available in all Partner software listed herin.
See the screen captures and trading tips for the Coast Trading Package. This indicator also available in TradeStation as a part of the Predictor Pack . Try it for 30 days! It is an awesome indicator! Go to our client forums for detailed use, (2000i is not supported).
Software Compatibility
Companies that offer software compatible with non proprietary DiNapoli indicators.
Software Support
We fully support DiNapoli indicators in software that we create and also in partnered software ... We do not have the ability for general software support of Partnered charting software. For general support it is in your best interest to contact their support staff. If you can't get the results and attention you deserve, let us know and we will go to management on your behalf.

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