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Testimonials - Here's what our clients are saying about us....
These are just a few unsolicited testimonials and comments we receive regularly.
We stopped collecting them many years ago... there were just so many.

Testimonials Year 2000

 Date 10 December 2000

Hi Joe,

Class was great. I am still trying to develop a trading plan that can get me off the floor. I still have a long way to go.

What is helping me is going through the questions posted on the web.


Roy G.

 Date 12/5/2000

I am very much impressed with your book. Being basically new (3 years equities and options), I understand some, but still am confused. When should i be ready to purchase your software, and what else do i need to practice.

Thanks for your time, I know it's limited
Jan T.
p.s.. I was raised as a mechanic as a kid, and have rebuilt three 50's cars.
(maybe some hope?)


The software would be valuable at any time now-- in fact it will help you learn--and there's still that trading Course --The cost to benefit ratio cannot be argued with- If you want to have a conversation with Neal re the software feel free to contact him or 425 576 8498. My guess is that if you talk with him he'd be happy to help you through the math issue as well.
Good Luck,

 Date Tues, 5 December 2000
Subject Neal--Teacher

Dear Joe,

Great day yesterday with your man Neal. An excellent teacher and I see why you get along with him--dry, a bit sarcastic (I like that), funny, smart and solid as hell.

Marked up 100 charts today and didn't even trade, I'm so excited to learn this stuff!

Thanks again for all your research and teaching.

Hell, I'm not the groupie type, but I know a good thing when I see it!


Max V. PH.D.

 Date Mon, 4 December 2000

I have finished my second read (well, scouring would be a better term) of your book. I daytrade e-mini Nasdaq. Over the past 3 days (Thurs-Mon) I made 129 NQ points using your methods on a 5 minute chart, 10 winners and 4 losers I think.....

Do these work in 5 minute time frames or was I lucky?.........

Many thanks.

Love the book.

Patrick B.

Thanks Patrick,

We want you to make tons on the info in the book--Do you have the Trading Course -I strongly recommend it!!

5 minute charts are where i have lived and thrived for many years--


 Date Sun, 3 December 2000
Loved the Vegas conference.... it was fun and informative...


Dave P.

 Date Tues, 28 Nov 2000

Subject from the forums.
Charles DeFazio


p.s. tell that Italian, DiNapoli to make room for another Italian, DeFazio. It is only fitting that an Italian, Fibonacci would discover the
keys to the universe, pass them on to another Italian (Joe) and then Joe's brilliant book would wind up in DeFazio's hands.

Thanks a million,


 Date Tues, 21 Nov 2000

I have finally had the time, with the CQG and all your stuff properly arrayed and available, not cobbled together, with the time to sit and follow through moves and finally clearly see the integration of the time frames, really understand the effect of direction, which is a hell of a lot more significant than i previously thought or realized. It all came together the last four days.

I have no other reason to tell you than I really mean it, but your genius really shows through once one understands what's going on. It really is like a flowing picture. I am very grateful to you for the work you have done and grateful to myself for having stuck with it for the THIRTEEN years ! since I first met you. The material has never gotten a chance given the piecemeal way I've tried to trade. I have never really gotten it until now and its like a light comes on when you finally see it.

All the times I've heard you speak (two private seminars) and multiple listening to the tapes and reading the book, you just don't get it until you sit hour after hour, bump your head multiple times, make multiple errors and finally see it.

Dealing in numbers, charts, money, competition, its probably hard to realize the human side of what you have done, but you have made a significant difference in my life and ultimately that of my family.

Thank you. Good to hear from you. Hope you're well.

Don F.

 Date Tues, 21 Nov 2000

Good Evening, Pat

I just returned from Vegas, and I'm wrapping up things from the expo. This is the email requesting my password. I really resonated with Joe's work and it's thrilling to know that there's someone out there who not only know's what I'm doing, but more. This could really amp up my learning curve. You might tell him that I only buy about 1 book per decade (Gerald Loeb in the 60's,
Welles Wilder in the 70's, etc.), so for what's it worth, he's in "select" company.

And, it was a pleasure to meet you. Call it spirit or energy, but I tend to relate to people at a level beyond the physical, and you were a joy to experience. I look forward to the next time our paths cross.

Thanks for your assistance.


Howard B.

 Date Tues, 21 Nov 2000


I met you at the Las Vegas show---I am reading your book now----your style of writing is 100 times better than most.

I look forward to visiting your site.

Peter L.

 Date Mon, 20 Nov 2000

Dear Mr. DiNapoli,

Congratulation for your excellent book. I am very impressed from it even though I was a little familiar with your ideas from Mrs.
Brown book "technical analysis for the trading professionals".

I live far away from you (Athens-Greece), and for the moment I can not attend one of your courses, so I need to ask you a couple of things.

Vasilis P.

 Fri Nov 10 2000

Subject Hello Joe!
Regarding Seminar Nov. 4-5


I would like to take the time to Thank you this past weekend. You where very patient with me; Maybe in a tongue biting position. Weighing the class down was one of my greatest fears.

I have already whipped through half of the book and found the true value of the on-line posts. Your approach is truly fascinating with an open heart to the lay people.


Steven D.

 Date Tues, 17 Oct 2000


I wanted to thank you for arranging our attendance at the Trade Portal AT Financial seminar. I have benefited immensely from the information presented there.

I am really amazed and appreciative that you, Pat, and the other guys go as far as you do to help us. Well beyond the call of duty in my estimation.

I cannot state strongly enough how fortunate I feel to have been able to learn from you and those around you.

Getting acquainted with you and those at CIS has not only been profitable but more importantly pleasurable. I find you all to be friendly and genuinely concerned with you’re students well being.

That, I would imagine, is a rare thing in any business or personal encounter.

Again, Joe, thank you.

Erin K.

 Date Fri, 13 Oct 2000

Great job yesterday.

Is there any possibility of you and Merrick doing a 1-2 day advanced intensive together for a small, dedicated group?
I think I've wrung everything I possibly can out of the "general" presentations by you and by Merrick.
I'd considered a private seminar with Neal or with you, but I'd be even more interested in the above idea.

Consider it, will you?

Max V.

 Sat September 30, 2000

Dear Jo,

again thanks for replying.

But it should be illegal to have knowledge like this. Wednesday S&P follows trend to new lows. Thursday up 32 points, Dow plus 200,, etc...All the pundits are screaming bull turnaround......Except s&p stopped cold at the 38.2 retracement from Sept 1st.

Sincerely your student.

Stefano P.

P.S. It's all your fault for opening the floodgates.



For years, I thought someone in a dark suit and sunglasses might quietly tell me to SHUTUP- never happened -- true story

Best of luck!


 Date Mon, 25 September 2000

Dear Joe,

I have started to rebuild my confidence in trading after reading your book. I was able to identify a Double RePo in USD/SWF last Thursday(9.21.00) and subsequently managed to recover much of my losses caused by an extremely poor entry I made some weeks ago before receiving your book. (I would have been able to avoid such a serious mistake if I had considered the context of the trade, to which you attach great importance in your book.) XOP was achieved the next day after the Confirmed Double RePo, helped by the central banks' joint intervention


Tony CH Ko

 Date Wed, 20 September 2000

Subject Reply to your DiNapoli Workshop message.

Dear Joe

What a terrific teacher you are! I really appreciate your clarity and directness. It's refreshing.

I have to tell you that even without using the power of the MACD/Stochastic comb. which I am learning to use, the use of the 3 X 3 in itself, along with the leading indicators work, has resulted in an increase--in the market since April!--of nearly 75 % in my profits. I thought I was a pretty savvy trader, but I feel like I've been a freshman until discovering the power of this work.

Here's a mystery to me. I'm not sure, but I think that none of the direct access brokers have displaced moving averages available in their charting software. I don't know whether to be pxxxxx or thrilled! Some (not all) major data vendors do have it, but as you know, they don't always set the line out the actual periods, which creates a visual problem.

Thanks Joe, you are a champ.

Joe DiNapoli:

G. Max,

There's really a lot to your question.

I use the 3X3 on Day week and monthly charts-- Only in thrusting markets though there is some limited value in sloppy markets where i depend more on the 7X5 or 25X5.
Then I drop to the MACD/Stochastic for all intra day analysis. I also may use the MACD/Stochastic for the higher time frames as well as a conformation of the trend as defined by the DMA's.There are variations of use for these indicators which depend largely on your experience and skill level in using them. The DMA's are easier to use while the MACD/Stochastic is more powerful.The most powerful use of the 3x3 is in defining 3 of your directional signals and to help you to define thrust.

Hope this helps.

 Date Sat, 16 September 2000

Subject: Detrend/Predictor/Volatility (9/16/00 1130 AM)

The Message
Hi Joe,

Thank you, so much for the advice to focus on Directional Signals. I was sure missing the BIG PICTURE! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!



 Date Sun, 3 Steptember 2000
Subject Access to your DiNapoli Level - Continuation with Knowledge

Hi Pat!

As you mentioned, once I finish reading the book the best thing was to get back in contact to continue with growing with Fibonacci Techniques.

I love the Fibonacci techniques. I am using it in a few of my investments, and it is working pretty well. So thank you for the knowledge that was pass in the book.
Also I would like to share my approach.

Yes I am curious to see what else you have on the web.

I will appreciate if you send me the password, as you indicated when I purchased the book from you, at the Omega Conference last June in New York City.

Thank you,

Raphael O.

 August 28, 2000

To: Joe DiNapoli

I had the pleasure of meeting you during Omega 2000 in New York. I also bought your book. I must say it is one of the best I've ever purchased. It is certainly worth every penny I paid for it.


 Date Mon, 28 August 2000

Hi Pat,

Nice talking with you today, I really enjoy knowing I've found what I've been looking for - Effective trading tools!!!

Wow, what a relief.

I'll be in touch.

Rob M.

 Date Thursday, 17 August 2000


Hi Joe,

I finished reading your book today...very enjoyable and obviously oozing with experience. I have a few questions for you but will collect my thoughts more fully to get them more succinct.

Speak soon,

kind regards,

Daniel P L.

 Date Thursday, 27 July 2000

Mr. DiNapoli,

Thank you!

I shall attempt to study your Fibonacci method, as you have indicated the "insight" I believe I am in search of.

Again sir, thank you for your excellence, your knowledge, and your goodwill.

With kindest regards,
Michael C.

 Date Mon, 17 July 2000

Hi Pat!

I have been listening to the tapes and have read the book for the 3rd time and love them both. They have given me the tools that I need to "buy low and sell high" like I have always been trying to learn how to do. Joe's book is the best trading book I have ever read and I think his techniques are the best that exist for the way I like to trade and substantially reduce risk (and I tell all the traders that I meet this and give them your web-site). Now I have to discipline and train myself to professionally understand and apply Joe's techniques consistently; the effort will be well worth it!

Keep up the good work Joe, and thanks for writing a wonderful and excellent trading book!

Ben L. F.

 Date Thursday, 6 July 2000

Reply to your DiNapoli Workshop message

Subject: Unconfirmed Up or Down?

Joe DiNapoli on 7/6/2000
....may sound stupid, but I feel it's an honor to help others in this capacity... and try not to make it "a job"

E: I feel extremely fortunate knowing that you feel the way you do. Thank you for the help.

Thank goodness I have Neal and Zahoor to help out

E: They are both great. Without them pointing me in the right direction I'd be quite lost. I appreciate everyone's patience, including other traders reading my posts.

E: I wasn't around when Tony was with you but in reviewing the old postings I found his comments extremely helpful. And that's an understatement! Current postings are fantastic and combined with the archives make this site a veritable gold mine. Thanks for all the hard “work”.

 Date Tues, 27 June 2000

Subject : Web pages renewal


Thanks very much. I am finding the pages extremely useful!

Nick W.

 Date Sun, 25 June 2000

Subject October in Dallas


Thanks again. We still have members remarking about your presentation. (Dallas technical analysis society over a year later)

Ladd K.

 Date/Time 6/21/2000

Subject Re Trading

Joe's book has lots of excellent strategies. I agree that it is not easy to apply to real trading at first. After several months of struggle, I finally decided to trade only B&B and to master it. Since February this year, I had 17 B&B trades with only 2 losers. My point is, start out with one or two directional signals. Pick some easy ones like B&B or DPRO. Study them and master them. Once your confidence is built up, you can then move on to other strategies in the book.

Don't give up. Good luck.

-- K. L.

 Date Fri, 9 June 2000

Mr. DiNapoli.....

I purchased DiNapoli Levels sometime ago and found it to be a very insightful and helpful book.

Appreciatively yours,

 Date Tues, 30 May 2000

I'm greatly enjoying Trading with DiNapoli Levels and the taped course. I have this sneaking suspicion that when I really get solid with your work there will be lots of room on my bookshelves.

Thanks for all your work, study, research and for your excellent teaching style (clarity, energy and sense of humor!).

Max V.

 Date Sat, 27 May 2000

Dear Joe,

I met you and Pat at your booth at the Oakland on-line traders expo..... I only have positive things to say, .... First of all I have begun reading your book and am understanding it and enjoying it........

Ann N.

 Date Fri, 05 May 2000

I have a question but first...

I want to tell you that I know nothing about trading. Certainly, not enough to make any reliable judgement about anyone's methodology. I ordered your book and tapes based on something that is somewhat intangible. In reading your interview and in conversation you struck me as very genuine and honest. Those same qualities were apparent in Neil, as I spoke with him, prior to
deciding to attend the recent seminar. He has been very generous and forthcoming with information, above and beyond what would normally be expected. These things speak to me more than any benefit I may gain from studying your techniques. So, I want to give credit where it's due. I like meeting people like yourselves. I hope there are more of you out there.

My question is in regards to Forex. As far as I can tell, the only accurate and reliable way to trade Forex with your indicators is with CQG, unless you get eSignal to feed Metastock so Intraday CTP can read those files. I am not interested, at this time, in intraday trading, just making my entry intraday once i see support/resistance on a daily fibnode. If I didn't explain this properly, perhaps you could just tell me what you have found the best route to be.

Thanks for your patience, time, and efforts.


 Date Wed, 3 May 2000

To Neal Hughes

Hi Neal,

Aloha from Maui.

I just want to drop a few lines & Thank You for all your help with the program. I really like the oscillator & find it very helpful.

The next time you teach a class in the West Coast, please let me know. I'll be very interested in attending because you're such a good teacher.

Thank you again & best wishes,

Mary/ S.T.

 Date: Tues, 2 May 2000


I have read Trading with DiNapoli levels for the second time, and I am studying the Trading course. I just wanted to tell you that your material is the most relevant, realistic approach to trading the markets that I have encountered, and I have spent much time and money looking at the works of many.

Earlier in my trading experience I was not ready to comprehend the Fibonacci and money management concepts you teach, but as the saying goes "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear".....

Your method of using Trend analysis (Stochs, MACD, DMA's and the Detrended oscillator) is simple but brilliant. It very much agrees with my style of trading. I only wish I had taken the time and found you 3 years ago for I would have an extra 100k in my personal trading account.

As a money manager using Index mutual funds for my clients and being limited to end of day daily trading, I have caught the last couple of moves for a solid gain for my clients in the NDX using Fib analysis to determine entry and exit.

I know I have much to learn before I come close to mastering the many techniques in your work, but I now feel so much more confident making trades with just what I have learned so far. I look forward to taking a private seminar in the near future.

I could not be more excited about learning and applying the methods in your excellent and unsurpassed research and work as it applies to trading the markets.


Randy S.

 Date: Tues, 25 April 2000

Dear Pat

Hello! We hope you and Joe are well. John and I are doing quite well, having lots of fun trading in and out of some of the recent Nasdaq double RePo's. We very much enjoyed listening to Txx Oxxxx's recent interview with Joe and his remarkable analysis of the Nasdaq retracement.

A young trader named Karl recently contacted us regarding learning more about trading fib levels. Karl indicated he has been trading successfully for about a year and has expressed great interest in learning more about >using Fibonacci in trading. We gave him a short synopsis of DiNapoli Levels over dinner and suggested he contact you about purchasing Joe's book, a set
of dividers and the divider instruction book. I have given him your e-mail address and the web site address.

Best Regards,

Tricia A. and John W..

 Date: Tues, 25 April 2000

Hi Joe

I like your book and audio tape course. I learn a little more each time I listen to it and apply your methods to the stock market.....

Take care. Hope all is well down south.

If you ever want to be a mentor, let me know.


 Date: Mon, 10 April 2000

Hi Joe,

Thank you for that great interview on xxxx (radio) today with Txx Oxxxxx. It was very well presented, thought-out and the charts
helped bring it all together..
I read your book once already and I have started using your techniques on stocks. Keep up the good work. I'll be looking into charting software in a few months.

Thank you again.

All the best,

Rick K.

 Date Wed, 29 Mar 2000


We are going to be doing a daytrader email blast and will be highlighting your session. Joe, I know the value you bring as a speaker to the show. When my sales people are on the phones calling to sell the show we always hype your session. We are even telling attendees who do not daytrade to hear your session, because I really like what I personally saw in Orlando a year ago. I took one of your trade recommendations myself on crude back in March 99. That was huge.

Please let me know,
Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you in Vxxxx.
Gary K.

 Date: Tues, 21 Mar 2000

Hi Neal,

I recently bought the Oscillator Predictor. I like what I see so far, wish I had bought before...........

Yours Sincerely,
Jeffrey L.

 Date: 3/12/2000

You wrote:

The trade worked out well. The whole package - double RePo on the daily, RR track on the thirty minute.

Forex is working out very well. I'm probably going to have to take the plunge on CQG, as I'm not sure how close the MACD and Stochastic is on the GFTLTD. data center.


D. F.

To Dpf
From Trader Jo
Subject Re trade

Great! Gary is talking about making the studies compatible -- push him on this as it will help all of us.

Look fwd to seeing you.

 Date Tues, 21 Mar 2000

Hi Neal,

I recently bought the Oscillator Predictor. I like what I see so far, wish I had bought before...........

Yours Sincerely,
Jeffrey L.

 Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000

Dear Pat,

Wow, I can't believe how fast the book, DiNapoli Levels, arrived.

After reading the beginning of the book, I feel more confident I am on the right track with my own trading techniques and understanding........

For a not wealthy person such as myself, it is the perfect solution. I admit I have so far been doing more watching than trading. However, I have gained a much better understanding of myself, my good points and my faults. I have seemed to have devised a trading system...... I am starting to make more positive moves than negative in that account.

Thank you for your support.

Virginia K.

  Date Wed, 8 Mar 2000

Hello Joe!

Just wanted to say thanks for the book, Joe. If your sole intention was to give something back - you've achieved that ten fold. Those Double RePos and the failures are easy to see and so reliable.

Kind Regards

Paul R.

 Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000


Just a note to say Hi!

I had an excellent February, particularly the last two weeks. I have been able to apply your stuff, particularly on the currency markets. I already knew to look for impulse and a retracement, and now the OPs get hit an amazing amount of the time. And, my confidence level has increased, allowing me to continue to pull the trigger, and paradoxically, allowing me to wait for the choicest setups, rather than over trading......

I would love the opportunity to work with you again, be it another private seminar, a follow up session or some other format.

Thanks, and see ya.

Barnett B.

 Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000

To DiNapoli Client Services

You are incredible.

Allan S. N.

 Date: 3/1/2000

Subject: Double RePo

Hi Joe,

I'm a very satisfied customer of yours... I bought Trading with DiNapoli Levels a few months ago and am very happy with the results. I have read it through several times, and I still carry it with me back and forth on the train.

I also read your article very interesting..........

Hopefully you have a few moments to respond, but I understand if you don't, and thanks for writing such a great book.


Michael B.

 Date Mon, 28 February 2000

To "Pat"

Thanks for the note...

I read the book this weekend....I learned something very valuable that I would like to thank Joe for......It was nice meeting you two.....Please tell Joe that I would like to sit for one third to half a day at his convenience to polish my skills and see him in action.....

Have a Great Day !!

John D.

 Date Sun, 20 February 2000

Subject P-sem


I just wanted to say, after being home for a week and in front of a CQG screen for a couple of days how much I enjoyed the seminar, if you want to call it that. It felt more like hanging out with a great trader and having him just totally unselfishly share everything that came up that could be of benefit.

I had a great time, learned a lot, gained confidence, and will surely join you for a follow up session or any other forum that you come up with.....

Thanks again.

Barnett B.

 Date Wed, 16 February 2000

Thanks Joe,

Can't tell you how very good your seminar turned out to be. We were right, that it takes drill, drill, and more drill to solidify your method into one's brains. Would you consider an invitational class only for those who successfully participated in the first seminar and who you feel are of the caliber you want to teach the next level?

I put the FibNoded 30 and 5 minute charts to work the last two days and got some very exact retracement halts once I knew where to place these setups.

Steve W.B.

 Date Tues, 15 February 2000


I forgot to tell you something important. One of my longtime subscribers is Scott B. He was telling me he saw one of your seminars and LOVED it. Scott's a full-time trader and money manager, so he knows what's up. Just thought you'd want to know...


Nelson II

 Date Tues, 15 February 2000

Hi Joe,

I am an ex-local living in Australia and now trading screens. I have been reading your book "DiNapoli Levels" which I wish I had read a lot sooner.
Thank you very much


Phil R.

 Date Sun, 30 Jan 2000

I agree with ya there like it's like cheating!!!! )))

What I meant by "self-fulfilling" is that the floor and major off-floor players know where the key fib levels exist on most time frames, so, in a sense, the floor and big money move price to those levels....What's important is what happens next at those levels...price is either repelled by a fib level (reversal), or price is repelled and then accelerates through that level like a knife through hot butter (successful test or bounce followed by a failure), or price blows through the level like it doesn't exist (stop run or bid/offer vacuum). from experience by observing price, you can get a feeling for what might happen at the fib levels.


Neal Hughes wrote

Some would disagree that fib analysis is a self-fulfilling prophesy. There are many who believe that the more a certain technique is used (more traders using it) the less likely it will work in the markets. There is a conflict there, a trader can't believe both. Any-way, for whatever reason, Fibs work well in all liquid markets!

 Date Sun, 30 Jan 2000

I place DiNapoli in my top 10 books because of the fib analysis,
i.e., it's a self-fulfilling prophecy in a lot of markets .

Rich I.B.

 Date: 27 Jan 2000
Subject "Trading With DiNapoli Levels" question.
posted to the Oxxxx-List..

Recently some of you had high praise for this book. After reading some reviews, the table of contents and a couple of articles by DiNapoli I'm almost ready to buy it. However I am afraid that the book might actually be a $200 sales brochure for $800 in software.

I trade stocks eod, (end-of-day) trying to catch trends and have no desire to diddle with intraday data. Are DiNapoli's ideas predicated on
multiple time frames? Have you folks been able to put his ideas to effective use without "Fibnodes" and the "Oscillator

Thank you for your attention. I'll welcome all comments.

Brad R.


The book is the complete trading methodology. It's not an advertising brochure for his software.

You can trade DiNapoli techniques without FibNodes or the Coast Trading Package. You will find those software packages
very convenient, but not essential. The only proprietary indicator that requires software from DiNapoli is his Oscillator-Predictor, though you can use his Detrended Oscillator to replace the Oscillator Predictor. The Detrended Oscillator as well as all the other indicators he uses (except the Oscillator Predictor) are disclosed in the back of the "Trading With DiNapoli Levels" book.

Most of the formulas for the DiNapoli indicators can be downloaded from his website http// in the proprietary client area. If you buy his book directly from DiNapoli, you get 60 days free access to that area, otherwise you get 30 days access. If you see the value of the coaching and mentoring web pages and forums, it's a better deal to skip the book-store discount
and buy direct. I volunteer my time to help traders on that website, so maybe I'll get to know you there?

Let me know if you have more questions.



This book will show you some techniques that you'll find very useful. The fib work that Joe teaches you in the book is fairly easy to learn and yet is a very powerful addition to your trading tools. The software Joe sells makes some of the calculations easier, but the only thing I can think of that Joe teaches that you can't do without the software is use the oscillator predictor.

I've said before here that I rank this book as one of my top five books on trading. I use the techniques in it all day long in my trading. Joe is an excellent educator.


Tim Morge

 Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000

Subject RE DiNapoli Seminar -January 15 and 16, 2000

Dear Joe and Pat

Many thanks for your kind hospitality last weekend for the seminar. We learned some very important lessons during our time with Neal, the most important of which was the need to continue studying. Neal showed us more depth and better application of the tools. Now we will work to perfect.

Would you please give me a price for buying another book, "DiNapoli Levels", a set of dividers and the manual? I would like to send them to a dear friend.

Best regards,

Tricia A.

 Date: Tues Jan 17 2000

Hi Joe!

Neal did a great job this weekend. I really appreciate your hospitality and your flexibility in letting me attend the seminar.

In addition to now being much more excited about trading, myself, I can also be of much better assistance to...... customers.

Thanks again for everything, Valerie C.


Hi Val,

Thanks so much for your comments. I will forward them to Neal. Neal said you were a very good student.
You know, I have trained some very successful women to be really competent traders. When a woman really gets into this stuff they seem to have a far better success rate than men-


 Date Fri, 14 Jan 2000


Thanks for your response. I got hold of DiNapoli Levels. This was the first book I have ever read in a single sitting - enough said!!

With the time differences between markets in US and UK, the "less stressful" alternative approach discussed briefly by yourself with evening analysis etc.

I am seriously considering the use of CTP and Fibnodes as software options.

Once again, warmest thanks and regards for such an enthralling read - I have a lot to learn!!

Best regards,

Jason B.



The entire approach will work across time frames. One day to several weeks is no problem. If one is trading intra day, one
needs extremely accurate methods which is why so many day traders turn to our approach but it is not necessary to trade those time frames to benefit.

When you get the book see page 17. I had an oil position in 99 that lasted many months using the same approach!
... Thanks,

 Date Fri, 14 Jan 2000


As you may know, I read about your trading philosophy in .......Joe and was immediately interested in your use of Fibonacci techniques and general approach to trading. I have since bought your book and am working my way (thoroughly) through it. You will be pleased to know that I am now using the DMA's you recommend along with the MACD and Stochastics ......., and am very impressed so far. Many thanks for sharing your expertise through this well written book.

I fully intend to continue my studies of your techniques and am in the fortunate position to be able to implement what I learn as I go along.
Regards from


 Sent 13 January 2000
Subject DiNapoli

Good morning

I read your comments on the DiNapoli forum page with great interest. Although I have been using Fibonacci levels for years now, I am new to Joe DiNapoli's techniques. What I have seen of Joe's work (I am half way through his book) is extremely interesting and it seems to be a logical progression of my current trading style.

I have been in the FX/Futures industry for 20 years now and started as a floor trader on the .......xxxxxxxxx Exchange. I left the floor of the Exchange in 1985 to work in FX where I have been, apart from a 1 year sabbatical ....... , ever since. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to technical analysis very early in my career and it has been the basis of my trading ever since. I use xxxxxxxxx to display hourly and daily charts using Jxxxxx Cxxxxxs. I have always used moving averages to define trend and Fibonacci retracement levels to establish a position on a reaction to that trend. This is why, when I read about Joe's techniques......, it struck a chord with me.

I am considering taking a personal seminar with Joe this year and was encouraged to read that you found it so useful. I decided to contact you because I feel it is important to exchange views and ideas with like-minded people (Joe also recommends this in his book).

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 Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000

Hi Joe,

I was refereed to your book by Cxxxxxx Bxxxxx's book -- I've read/studied it
at least 5 times. It is my Bible (out of the over 20 books on trading I've

I want to thank you for your dedicated work and uniquely keen insights -- They are guiding me(with humility) on my way to becoming a consistently successful trader. I study the futures charts constantly as well and the perfect railroad track, as well as
the other patterns - work like a charm there as well.

I look forward to attending one of your seminars if you make it to Chicago.

With Appreciation,

Jim E.

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