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Testimonials - Here's what our clients are saying about us....
These are just a few unsolicited testimonials and comments we receive regularly.
We stopped collecting them many years ago... there were just so many.

Testimonials Year 2003

4th Quarter - 2003

  30 December 2003

Hello again Pat,

I feel I understand the concepts in this book after multiple readings, but each time I reread I see another subtle point. This magnificent book is one of the best trading books I have ever read and I will be emailing Joe about attending his Florida seminar scheduled for May or June 2004.

Thank you very much and have a Happy New Year,

  22 December 2003



"Having read TWDL a few times and started applying the techniques the initial P-sem was excellent all round. It is clear that Joe has done enough of these to have a very good agenda for the two days including thorough checking of the fundamental understanding and some practice from the book rather than diving too quickly into actual trade discussion. I enjoyed this course more than any I have been on (largely due to the small group size and attendees being at a similar experience level). I would add that discussions not directly related to TWDL (eg about stress points, shorter exposure of capital at risk, reason for trading, why money may not be the test of a successful trader etc) which Joe is happy to talk about when the main agenda is covered were for me a key part of the value of the course - I would like to thank him again for sharing his knowledge of many years successfully trading - both with DN levels and generally. Having progressed in successfully applying DiNapoli levels to most of my trades since the course with my best trading month to date I can recommend the P-sem wholeheartedly - even if it means an international flight!"

But also Joe - a very big direct THANK YOU for a fantastic course - seriously! I felt challenged mentally - something I haven't had for a while! (although I do take your point re watching why I am trading - as in perhaps needing intellectual stimulation!)

Bangkok visit

Well having wanted to visit for 15 years and now by virtue of the course going there, I had a great time!! All too short on this occasion , but the amazing city that Bangkok is - hustle, bustle, 3rd and 1st world contrasts, friendly people and great food. Thanks to Joe for his useful tips on the website too. Am awaiting a couriered suit from Jesse! Another big thank you for the night out !!

Hope to e-mail/speak/meet again soon!

If you are in London - even if just to change planes - please contact me and we can meet up.

Marcus SM

  21 December 2003


I wanted to tell you what a great time I had attending your private seminar. I have been a lot of places in the world and nothing was more rewarding than the time I spent in Thailand. I was able to attend a great seminar with my mentor who is the smartest man I know in the trading business and with only four other people, what a great learning environment.

Little did I know that was just the start, Joe and Pat then became the ultimate tour guides to Bangkok, both of them extremely knowledgeable of what I think is the kindest culture in the world the Buddhist culture.
We went to the most fantastic restaurants ...and the best local eateries; you could never find these places on your own.

We also were introduced to the man that make President Bush his suit and shirts and he made me the same custom suit for $250 US custom shirts $20 US that was awesome.

Then came the night life WOW I saw and experienced things I never dreamed of. I'm so glad I was able to see the beauty that a third world country has to offer. I'm also glad I took Joe's advice and came to Bangkok. It turned out to be the dream trip of a lifetime.

The one thing that stands out the most is that "I" took that leap of faith and trusted what my mentor Joe told me and it turned out better than I thought just like trading Joe's system it's the best and he's the best. I know have a trading system that I understand better since the seminar and even more than that I have a friendship for life that I never dreamed possible. I am Blessed.

Thanks Joe
Dan G.

  18 December 2003

Hello Joe

Have been watching the Euro 50 futures today - It bounces off D-Levels nearly all the time - right down
to 5 & 3 minute charts. It hits expansions to the tick and its just freaky!

One thing I have noticed looking back over the price action on the futures yes I actually LISTENED to the tapes :-) Many times in fac

From my observations to date I have a theory that I want you to answer honestly: Did you stop trading the Euro 50 because you found it too easy to win? I mean this seriously as it occurred to me that you personally
could wipe the floor (that's a pun if ever there was!!) with this contract and churn out money all week. But, there would be no challenge for you. I couldn't help thinking you are in the e-mini for more than just making
money - I wonder if its to show you can win in spite of the "unseen forces" at work.

Now I could be so wrong with that conclusion but the evidence points to the fact that Joe could clean up with very little effort on Eurex so cannot be in this just for the money anymore!

Thanks for caring Joe! Sounds so damn kitch but true.
Jay B

  14 December 2003


Allison and I are still sorting photos from our memorable trip to Thailand. The Thai's as a whole are such a friendly and beautiful people. A couple of waitresses at our hotel taught us as much of the language as we could keep up with which completely changed the reception that people gave us - we got many more smiles! We took several pictures showing the contrasts and as you said contradictions in Thailand; the very old culture preserved along side the very new booming prosperity, gentle people with fairly brutal martial arts competitions; the children dressed in clean uniforms walking home from school through the busy streets. The more you smile, the more smiles you get.

Since Allison was free to explore while we all traded, with help from Pat she was able to find a lot of the cool spots to take me after the seminar was over. Feeding the baby elephant and our elephant ride in the former capital of Siam was one of our highlights. Seeing the extent of the devastation of floods during the wet season, river taxis racing up and down the rivers, the spectacular temples and palaces, the never ending open markets, the house of Jim Thompson, the reviver of trade for the beautiful Thai silk ... all too much for one week. If we are fortunate enough to come again, we'll venture to the northern country and its riches.

As far as the trading seminar, I learned more than I expected, and only some of it was technical. Watching your discipline, patience, and organization; hearing the discussions that go on in your head about where stops are located and what will bring in buying and selling; hearing you evaluate various scenarios for a trade moving in your direction or moving against you; cross-market analysis to aid you in your decisions; your integrated view of several time periods; trading tight vs. trading loose, etc., etc., etc.. After the trading sessions we'd discuss what we learned and observed, and I spent time capturing as much as I could in my notebook. Weeks later I'm still writing and investigating the things that we experienced there. I also struck up some great friendships there. I'd recommend the seminar to anyone serious about trading - from those wishing to profitably direct their assets in an IRA account, to those presently in or pursuing a career in the trading profession, and anyone in between. Fantastic content especially if you exercise your powers of observation.

Thanks again Joe, we hope to get the chance to visit you and Pat again sometime soon in Thailand,

Peter and Allison W.

  10 December 2003

...I live in Cyprus. Congratulations for the excellent book and software

Kind Regards
Andreas X.

  8 December 2003


…I also have trade navigator platinum, just to let you know and the D-levels are great. I am not loosing as much money as before. My wins are more than my losses now, thank you for this program.

Dancel B.

  8 December 2003


I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed the advanced seminar as well as the hospitality you and Pat showed to all of us. The seminar itself was great and I can already see the impact it is going to have on my trading even though I've only been back at trading for a week now. I expect to be repeating it after I have had plenty of time to absorb and explore what I learned there (next year). Seeing the way you handle the entire problem of trading was very useful for me, reinforcing the things I do right and pointing out some issues that need more work. I keep telling my wife (when she questions the charges to Coast) that I haven't yet regretted a single dime I've paid you. That remains true! I'm really glad to have found the right teacher so early on in my trading career.

And Bangkok! What a city! You know the guide book I had been reading said that some people found Bangkok sensorially overwhelming; I figured, no problem, I've been to the biggest city in the world (Mexico City). But Bangkok got me. I don't know what exactly it was. Maybe it was all of the incredible street activity, the sights, sounds and smells. Maybe it was the contrast of such an intense city populated by such warm, open people. .. Thailand really deserves its name as the "Land of Smiles."

I received my two new suits from Jessie the tailor last week. I usually buy nice clothes, but I have never owned such nice clothes as these suits. The workmanship and detail are excellent, the fabric is gourgeous and the fit perfect. And so inexpensive.

I really miss your masseuse (I won't even attempt to spell her name). Please tell her I think she really helped the problem I have been having with my hip. If I could have convinced her, I would have brought her home with me. I know she was small enough to fit into my large suitcase. I might have had trouble explaining her to my wife, but I could have given it a good try.

So, thanks again, Joe. I'm looking forward to next time.


  6 December 2003

During last year Joe presented a course in South Africa. I attended and found very helpful in my trading. Is there any chance he could visit us again to present courses to all his South African fans? If not, could you please send me a schedule of Joe's courses for next year? I may decide to visit the states to attend

Kind regards,
Attie v G.

  4 December 2003

Hello Joe

I am pleased that I have this book which I think is great. It basically clears your vision when looking at the market and I am glad that you know that your efforts are very much appreciated and I am not exaggerating . …I know you like to travel, so I hope some day you and Pat will come to Egypt. It's very charming (most of it). You and Pat would love the scenic Nile cruse around Luxor and Aswan It's great hope the state department will let up soon. Well thank you Joe and I really wish you and Pat all the best.

Ayman B

  1 December 2003

Re: Follow up to the FREE Trial through Fox Investments

Hello Danielle

I enjoy very much your nightly email recommendations as I am able to see two very experience traders employ DiNapoli techniques in real markets with real money on the line…. My learning curve since reading your nightly emails has improved my trading 100 fold and I thank you for this. I am uncertain if your nightly emails are supposed to be subscription based and I have been offered a free trial, in which case I thank you and should stop before I wear out my welcome. If the emails are instead sent out to your clients then maybe you could keep me on your mailing list for a while longer....if this is not possible then I have done well this far. Should I ever need a futures broker you certainly would be the only one that I would call.

Kind regards
Simon B.

  30 November 2003

G`Day Joe,

I am writing to thank you for the most amazing and best seminar I have ever attended. Your Advanced Private Seminar is the best seminar available to traders of all levels. Not to mention the exotic location for the seminar.

Firstly the seminar. As you know my experience in the market place is one of a floor local learning a completely new game of screen trader. The transition has come with great difficulty as my floor conditionings are deep, however your trading mythology has helped me enormously. I have purchased all of your material which is available and attended several of your seminars. After 5 years of trading from screens I still needed some areas of my trading plan defined. Attending your Advanced Seminar and watching you plan your strategies and actually trading them has cleared up every grey area I have had with my trading. My confidence is extremely high (and focused) after this seminar and my success rate is also very high. Your incredible trading discipline has taught me how to succeed. This seminar without a doubt has given me the final key to the treasure chest, thankyou.

And as for the seminar location what can I say, your private trading room in your condo has the most awesome view over Bangkok I have ever seen. Bangkok as bustling as it is has an amazing aura about it. Your knowledge of the Thai culture and of Bangkok itself provided the perfect Thai experience.
Thank you for providing a tour of Bangkok including all your contacts for bargain shopping and the best tailor made suits in Thailand. The Thai restaurants you took us to are world class, I have tried to find some similar here in Oz but just can't get it.

This seminar was almost classed as a tour with an intensive seminar as part of the itinerary. I will most definitely be coming back to Thailand for another Advanced Seminar as the trading knowledge is invaluable, but more importantly your hospitality and tours of Bangkok are number one.

Take Care & Keep Safe
Peter C

  30 November 2003


Watching the DVD was great, it enhanced whatever I have studied in the Book.

Thanks and regards
Sashidharan S

  30 November 2003

Dear Pat

I received the book and read it. It's a really great book I would like to thank Mr DiNapoli for the book and you for your efforts. I would like to receive my 60 free access to the client's pages, and thank you.


  24 November 2003

RE: Free Online Seminar teaching Strategy and money management

Dear Kevin and Danielle,

At long last I have been able to get onto one of your sessions… I found it very informative. I am looking at applying it to the forex market…

I am looking forward to being able to sit in on another one of these sessions in the future.

Thanks once again.

Kind regards
Judy D

  24 November 2003

RE: Free Online Seminar teaching Strategy and money management

Hi Danielle,

Online seminar was fantastic. I learned a great deal. My thanks to you and Kevin. If you plan further seminars I would like to be included.

Thanks Again
Rick P.

  22 November 2003

RE: Free Online Seminar teaching Strategy and money management


This was an exemplary presentation. I especially appreciated the examples and your distilled wisdom. I've read Joe's text numerous times ( 20 ? )

Your actual trades and charts clarify, amplify and cement Joe's material.. I'm glad that you covered advanced concepts

A seminar consisting solely of trading examples would be of profound benefit I'll be looking at a lot of charts next week with a fresh vision.

Best Regards,
Ray S.

  22 November 2003

Hello Pat!

I've gone through the book...the initial discussion on trend, direction, etc. were worth 10X the price of the book to me!!! The fib stuff is compelling and I would love to read more. So...I guess I'm very ready for the password!

Best Regards,
Scollay P.

  22 November 2003

RE: Free Online Seminar teaching Strategy and money management

The on-line class was informative, I have heard or read about bits and pieces of the Fibonacci numbers but never really anything that put them together like that.

Jim M.

  21 November 2003

RE: Free Online Seminar teaching Strategy and money management

Hello Danielle,

Thanks for the seminar last night and the opportunity to comment, As a novice trader, especially in regards to Fibonacci analysis, I have been a long time believer in regression(s) usually approx. 50% after run ups/downs, but the fib systems explanation was is so much more precise and takes the regressions dependability beyond just coincidences. It should be useful to me as I prepare to resume more active trading activities.

Thanks again,
Bob M.

  9 November 2003

Re: Fibonacci Online Seminar Given by Kevin Riordan

Great seminar and good refresher. Glad you re-emphasized the role that thrust plays vs. meandering price, especially for marking fibnodes… Thought it was very clear, Kevin. Please do more.

Thanks again,

Tricia W.

  8 November 2003

Re: Fibonacci Online Seminar Given by Kevin Riordan

Thought the presentation was great - opens up a new way to understand possible profit targets in a trade -

J Richard S.

  8 November 2003

Re: Fibonacci Online Seminar Given by Kevin Riordan

I enjoyed the seminar very much, it was well presented, and very informative.
It was the first time I have been exposed to the fib expansion numbers

Gary R.

  8 November 2003

Re: Fibonacci Online Seminar Given by Kevin Riordan

Enjoyed your presentation- very good and informative.

Paul K.

  7 November 2003

Hi Kevin & Danielle,

I thought the material presented was very helpful and interesting. Clearly, I need to take the next step & buy the book

Thanks for the interesting seminar!

Pat M.

  7 November 2003

Re: Fibonacci Online Seminar


Thanks for the instruction last night. As more opportunities are available please include me,,, nightly updates, classes,etc. You made more USEFULL sense out of FIBS than all the books I have read. Have not read Joe's book . I need to get that.

Thanks again.
Bob P.

  31 October 2003


First, I want to thank you & Pat for opening your lovely home to us the way that you did. You two are gracious hosts. I loved Sarasota, and it will not be my last time there.

Second, I want to compliment you on your teaching methods. You are a true professional. I was impressed by two things: One, your attention to each individual's needs. Second, the needs of the group as a whole. I could tell that your initial session where you asked each person about their trading history as well as desired trading direction geared the way you approached the rest of the seminar.

…Today was the best trading day I have had in years. It was a $5000 day for me. It reminded me of the bull days of 1999-2000. Back then I had a few $10,000-$20,000 days, but I am in NO WAY complaining about $5000. I am absolutely elated just getting my old edge back. This whole month has really been good. I have really lucked out and only had about 2 losers the whole month.

Joe R.

  24 October 2003

Hi Joe

I loved your book-I aspire to be a 'Diligent Dan' :-) -it is a book you have to re-read many times, It is so good;
and explains the methodology in simple but powerful ways. -my sincere complements to you.

Robert B.

  17 October 2003

Hi Joe-I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a great Labor Day weekend at your workshop. Your training has taught me, among other things, to become more methodical in trade selection and execution. I purchased the Coast Software, as well as the eSignal service and am very satisfied with both.

With Great Appreciation,
Fritz G.

  15 October 2003

Hi Joe,

Many thanks for the reply - I was not expecting a response from the man himself !! I thought you would be far too busy to reply to a minnow in South Africa !

I agree with your views on programmers, but I have to rely on them via Dealbook to get a decent graphics package without undue cost. As a novice trader (two years and still learning to crawl, never mind walk or run) my equity is limited. I will look into Genesis.

I really enjoyed your book, and the humor always enhances the message! Your overall philosophy "loss of opportunity is preferable to loss of capital" is there in BIG print on my notice board. Maybe I'll even make some real profit one of these days!

Thanks again.

Phil T

  10 October 2003


I just finished completing your book, Trading with DiNapoli Levels and I must say that it is one of the best books I have read on trading. Basically, I am one of those neophyte investors looking to become a trader. I realized after reading your website that it could take me up to 5 years to become a competent trader! I am committed to that time frame and I believe that your system will definitely get me on the right path to becoming a successful trader

Billy J.

  7 October 2003

The subject of this fax is for requesting the free 30 day password to your client web pages. The proof of purchase was sent by fax

With many thanks and waiting for learn more about this brilliant and profitable method.

Yours faithfully

  1 October 2003


I wanted to tell you that I am finding your techniques valid and highly accurate. Having had a passion for trading (actually research) for the last 8 years I have seen and studied every book, technique and system available at considerable time and expense. As you know, some of them are straight out useless and almost all are in the "ho hum" class. Some are downright dangerous. I can say quite honestly that having studied your book and done your tapes course this is the first time for literally years that I have not been disappointed. Thank you for bringing some real insights to my trading. I look forward to learning more from you in the future.

John N.

3rd Quarter - 2003

  23 September 2003

Hey Joe,

Really love the CD with Merrick and you. I wish I saw it b4 reading the book. learned so much, it was excellent excellent. I'm not good at reading books for learning. I had years as an instructor and my mind is fixated. I'm trading little and being a student looking for setups etc.. It's also good to hone my discipline… I'll be seeing Kevin in Nov and hope to see you in Thailand at first seminar in 04.

Gary K.

  22 September 2003

Ms. Pat,

I have received the book on time via Global Express. This is a really wonderful book.

I would like to avail 60 days free forum. Please send me the password. I use Metastock here in Banglore, India. I would like to have the formula for DiNapoli Indicators like preferred Stochastics, MACD, etc. for Metastock 8.

I have read endless books on technical analysis from the world's greatest people, but this is the only book I think that I can be a successful trader. A hundred thanks to you for sending such a great book on time.

Thanking you.

  12 September 2003

Hey Joe,

The seminar in Sarasota was great. I learned a lot and am much more confident about my trades now.

Thanks a million once again.


  9 September 2003

Hi Joe,

I have been using your Fibnodes software on Tradestation since the last 90' fact using the same computer also. Your book is fantastic too.

I need to pass something by you.

I had a friend to come to your seminar this past weekend at your home is Sarasota....his name is Joe R..

He just called me and talked about you for nearly 2 hours....what a
big impression you made on him.

He was shocked to find out that I also had your software and was a student of your methodology.....and then I had to field a few questions.


  29 August 2003

Hi Joe

I liked the format of the course and even though I was kinda under the weather I got a lot of ideas for things that I need to study to improve my skills. I plan to trade the qqq's etc in 10 share lots as you suggested until I am able to have more experience without the stress of having a lot of size on the line to distract me.
Thanks for your ideas and help. I would like to do it again next year Again, I enjoyed my time at the seminar and appreciate your efforts to help me !

Michael B.

  26 August 2003


Thanks very much for the seminar and for the insights shared. I really enjoyed the seminar and hope that I will be able to attend the Bangkok one.

Many thanks,

Darko R.

  26 August 2003

Really enjoyed and learned from the seminar. Its a lot harder when you put it into practice rather than looking at simplified charts in the book; then one finds out how fuzzy one is on certain points.

Talked to Genesis this morning and got the Coast Trading Package, Thrust Scanner and D-Levels; it should arrive tomorrow via FedEx. I know I'll have a lot more questions once I start working with the concepts and tools.

Thanks so much. What you presented will really me help with deciding which trades to take, when to enter, what to expect and safer stop placement.

Thanks again for lending your hard won knowledge and wisdom.

Tricia W.

  22 August 2003


One thing I want to say to you personally. You've helped by giving me a chance to "get it" and sometimes I really do. The Market is much less a mystery to me at this point but a challenge (and when my thinking is wrong, an obstacle). Without your help I'd be clueless with no chance of profiting. You deserve a heart felt thank you and the next time I see you I'll deliver it. For now, please accept the written version with a full dose of gratitude heaped on top.

Rob M

  21 August 2003

Hi Joe,

I've read your book a number of times over the past few years, and I've learned a bit more from it with each reading (which I take as confirmation that the book has been a worthwhile investment).

Best regards,
Dennis C.

  9 August 2003

Hi, Joe.

I wanted to follow up via this email to a brief conversation we had just prior to the start of the 1-day seminar you conducted recently in Chicago. First, I enjoyed the material presented and accompanying
discussion - it certainly helped solidify the subject matter presented in the DiNapoli Levels book. I also took your advice and purchased the Trading Course, and so far have listened to about half the tapes. More good information! I'm looking forward to attending one of your private seminars in the future after I have the
opportunity to put your concepts into practice.

Thanks again!

  30July 2003


I enjoyed meeting you at the Chicago show. I was glad to see you know what is really going on in the world. I can't believe how many people have bought the lie that other countries hate us and want to attack us because they are jealous of us. I knew I would enjoy talking to you and not just about trading.

After spending three days there at the show, walking around, looking at all the booths and talking to scores of people, I came to the following conclusion. Most of the trading schools that had been offered were pretty much a waste of time and money. As I networked and met other individuals who had been trading for years, your name was one of the few that kept popping up. One guy I had talked to had spent tens of thousands of dollars on trading and trading schools. I was surprised when he told me this,_ Don't waste your money on any of the trading schools you see here, all you have to do is buy one book from Joe and keep your money for trading capital, Joe's the real thing.

So I bought the book and I have started reading it and love it.

Thanks much,
John D

  22 July 2003

Dear Mr. Joe

It is with great pleasure and a heart full of gratitude towards yourself, and the wonderful tool called "DiNapoli Indicator" that I write this letter today and expressing my deepest emotions for the dramatic successful change you have made to my life and especially to my trading methodology in the last few days since I started using this indicator.

Using and testing almost every indicator on Dealbook, and there are quite a number that can possibly give you good return, I find both the DiNapoli 7x5 and 25x5 gives me a pure and perfect entry point every time with good results AND PROFIT.

With trading results like this, it becomes an opportunity to trade.


Alex D.

  20 July 2003


Virtually all of my trading knowledge, up until your private seminar, was self taught from books, tapes, and the hard knocks of real life trading. I have been trading your method for about a year and a half with slowly improving results as I learned from making lots of mistakes and having a few successes too. I was at the point where I felt I was ready for the next level, a private seminar.

The seminar more than met my expectations. You are a natural teacher Joe, it was obvious to me that you sincerely wanted to help each of us and were able to do so individually. I was impressed with your ability to take each trader and honestly share with him what you felt were important strengths and weaknesses.

As a group the leaning was directed yet flexible, spontaneous and fun. Your professional insights and subtle changes in strategy and plan were priceless to me, I would not have been aware of these important concepts without this seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality and willingness to share with us, my goal now is to make it to Bangkok.

Thanks again,
Bob R.

  19 July 2003

Hi Joe,

Finally back home having left Sarasota 5.00am Monday and arrived here 11.30am Wednesday (Aussie time). The course for me was absolutely brilliant. The key comments that I would make are:
* gave me a clear understanding of sliding time frames for entry/exit (fading stochastics, selling on 5 min macd etc are now very clear).
* came away with a clear perspective on how I trade and how I could improve my trading by sticking to ALL of the rules (trading plan. 3 period rule, discipline etc).
* Now fully understand the importance of the trading plan, its simplicity, and the need to use it ALL OF THE TIME.
* Now seeing DRPO's, railway tracks, wash and rinses as big as mangoes on all time frames.
* I have now achieved a sense of calm in my trading. The trading plan is now the foundation of all of my trades and if the trade doesn't conform I don't take it. I am now a little "arrogant" with my trade selections resulting in less trading but very comfortable in waiting for the trade.
* reinforced that DiNapoli FibNodes was the only way to go for my trading (not that I ever doubted it).

I have read the DiNapoli textbook probably a dozen times if not more. The 2 day course consolidated all that was in the book and then took me to the next level. I can now look at intraday postings on the website and they now make sense particularly those referring to commodities or currencies where some of the more advanced traders have detailed their trades.

Cannot make it up to Bangkok in November but am keen to do the advanced course the next time after that so if you could put my name down I would appreciate it. Liz (wife) was meant to come away with me on this trip to the US but her mum got crook which buggered up the baby-sitting so she stayed home and hence taking off again so soon after this trip is a bit gutsy!! Will be putting on the party shoes for Bangkok so please let me know if you have anything planned for next year.

Cheers and Beers,

  16 July 2003


It was great to finally meet you after having studied your book for over four years. Personally the greatest benefit I got from the seminar was greater confidence in the trade plan and my ability to implement it, and motivation to get started. I'm funding my account this week, I'll be watching the markets real time next week and placing some live trades the following week. Meeting the other traders was also very beneficial as I don't have any friends who trade. It's nice to know I'm not the only one taking on the difficult task of becoming a full-time professional trader.

I would highly recommend a private seminar to anyone who has seriously decided to use your trade plan to become a profitable trader.

Antonios H

  15 July 2003


Thanks for a great seminar. It was an honor and privilege to have met you and spent time learning from you.

Neil R.

  14 July 2003

I would love to attend your seminar. I think that Joe DiNapoli is the greatest teacher of how the markets work that is out there and willing to share valuable knowledge of stuff that really works.

Craig G.

2nd Quarter - 2003

  29 June 2003

Hi Pat,

I'd like to start the 60 day password to client pages next week and would be grateful if you could arrange. I watched the DVD today and enjoyed it … the DVD met its objective and refreshed the concepts that Joe presented in Orlando. I'm about two thirds way through the book now and the DVD helped me grasp the concepts by the examples given with narration. Merrick Okamoto's presentation in the DVD was equally impressive and provided a good insight into market makers.

Best regards,
Now a DiNapoli disciple! :-)

  26 June 2003

Kevin Riordan has been my broker for the past year, he and Danielle have been great to work with, genuine people.I am thrilled they are representatives of Joe's Trading System and software it has been extremely
helpful to me. I am booking my reservation for Joe's one day seminar in Chicago and hopefully will get the opportunity to meet Joe in person. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to lifting my understanding of
his trading methods upwards a notch or two by being his student in a live forum.

Thank you,
George K.

  13 June 2003

Your sharing of knowledge directly influenced my ability in accomplish changes only dreamed.

Thank you,
Tomas N.

  9 June 2003

Hi Joe,

Many thanks for your prompt reply. I am still thinking about my options for charting and using your indicators in a variety of situations and time frames. I certainly understand your comments about the software vendors and their never ending "upgrade" cycles. Since I am fully committed to learning and using your indicators and the trading methodologies based on them, I am trying to figure out a long term solution that does not depend on these never ending software upgrades. I just want to set up the system and forget about it and concentrate on trading. I will most certainly consider your suggestion.

Your book is a delight to read and understand. I am going through page by page. Your methods are eminently practical and elegant. I am hoping that I can adopt the methods you describe in your book as one of my primary methods of daily trading.

Thank you.


  23 May 2003

I have heard about these on-line seminars. I have Joe DiNapoli's book on D-levels and this has changed my world around.

I would like to attend an on-line seminar if possible at all. When is your next seminar ? Please let me know.

Thank you

  22 May 2003

Thanks Joe,

Your guidance and thoughts are invaluable.

Now and then I get caught in a hesitative tail spin. Very nasty indeed. The best medicine for revoking tail spin situations is this forum.

Thank you Joe,
Eugene B

  26 April 2003

Your book (Russian edition) and FibNodes 5.0. nonintegrated version I purchased in Russia. By the way, I impressed very much by exactness of your system. Therefore I want all the rest of your tools.

Oleg B.

  21 April 2003

(This man returned and then later repurchased the book and everything else we have)

Hi Pat,

Since I returned the book I have gone back to your website many times and reviewed the material there.

My initial response to the Levels book was a little bit "hasty". As I said before I am new to trading. I had made a decision in early February to research the industry and learn as much as I could about technical analysis, etc. I was allowing up to one year before I would actually begin trading after I felt a little bit more knowledgeable and had gained some confidence in understanding. What I have come to realize is that it is quite easy to become overwhelmed and a little confused. I decided this week that I need instruction.

After looking around I see that the prices for your materials are reasonable and fair and Joe's ideas and methods do not appear to be overused. So...I'm considering Joe as my mentor.

Greg S

  10 April 2003

Hi, Joe!

I'm from Moscow, Russia.

I've just read you book "Trading with DiNapoli Levels". It was recently published in Russian. It's excellent.

Thank you,


  1 April 2003

Thanks for all the enlightening work you do and for
posting how Joe thinks and plays the markets--

Bill R.

1st Quarter - 2003

  10 March 2003

Hello Joe,

I just finished your book and thought it was awesome.

Thanks again.
Gerald P.

  10 March 2003

Hi Joe,

Just to remind you, I'm that young Chinese guy that just recently finished medical school, and I attended your private seminar last August in Sarasota. I just started my residency at M.D. Anderson Cancer center in Houston. I've been posting some of that Forex stuff on your web pages.

Anyway, I'm in the process of going through all the archived posts in your forum for the second time. And I'm always pleasantly surprised by the insights you had in the stockmarket, bonds, gold, and oil, and then seeing how the events unfolded just as you had written. So last night, I was up until about 2:00 a.m. reading the archived posts. I went to bed and had this peculiar dream:

that these 2 large men in black suits and dark sunglasses knocked on my door (they looked kinda like Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in "Men in Black"). So I opened the door, and they started giving me the 3rd degree: "are you a client of Joe DiNapoli's? are you a member of his web forum? do you post messages there often?" And they really wanted to know "Do you know the recent whereabouts of Joe DiNapoli?" Figuring that you might be in some trouble with the government, and wanting to protect you and not give you away, I protested that "yes, I did attend your seminar years ago, but no, I had no idea where you were, and haven't heard from you since."

Then, one of the guys in the dark suits says to me "Well, about a decade ago, Mr. DiNapoli defected from one of the US government's top secret "fiscal/monetary" agencies, and has been revealing to the public the top secret trading methods of the government, and how the governments of every major nation in the world manipulates the markets at key levels known as "fib-levels." In an attempt to contain these secrets, the government tried to apprehend you at your home in Florida, but alas, discovered too late that you had escaped to Thailand with your co-conspirator Pat.

Before turning around to leave my door, this dark-suited guy says (in a very ominous tone), "It also might interest you to know that the SEC and other top government agencies are monitoring what's being said on this internet forum very closely . . . . "

I woke up from this dream thinking, "oh my god!" I've got to destroy all my passwords, burn your book, un-install my coast trading package and cqg from my computer!!! it took awhile before I realized it was just a weird dream!

Anyway, just wanted to share this with you. Hope you got a little entertainment out of it. But sometimes, it's really un-nerving and spine-tingling to read how you said the Dow would support at 9000, then at 7500, etc.

Thanks again for everything!
take care,
and beware of shady looking guys in dark suits and sunglasses!
Eugene H.

Eugene this is hilarious,

Fact is that I truly thought, when I discovered this stuff back in the mid 80's... that after a presentation I would be approached by those men in black.
Trench coated figures that would firmly and politely tell me to "keep my mouth shut". That I could use the stuff for my own trading but otherwise, this was my last workshop.

I waited for their appearance for years. Then I published the book. Truth is, I'm still looking over my shoulder.
Great to hear from you!


  27 February 2003

I started trading off the floor recently , after more than twenty years in the pits .It didn't take long for me to realize this was going to be a harder transition than I thought . Seeking Joe D. out was a great trade in itself . Joe has years of valuable trading experience and his teaching skills put him over the top . I can honestly say that , since working with Joe , my trading skills have improved immensely . The critical difference is knowing what entry/exit points will give you an optimal risk/ reward ratio and Joe DiNapoli delivered . Thanks Joe .---------Chicago .

  24 February 2003

Hi Joe,

I very much enjoyed the format of the private seminar and I think it did a lot of good for myself. I look at the markets a little differently now and I anticipate different action.
Thanks again for providing the " journeyman experience" in the private seminar. I look forward to attending more of them.


  15 February 2003


I'll keep it short and simple. Not only was it a great hands on learning experience that boosted my learning curve, but we all became friends which far different than communicating through cyber space. Hope to make it to Bangkok.


  11February 2003

Hello Joe,

Thanks again for a great seminar; I really like that kind of interactive instruction and the range of abilities there was also a great benefit.

Chris J.

  9 February 2003

Dear Joe,

Without doubt, your seminar was the best I ever attended, and I have been to several. Some of the so-called gurus were too superficial. Some were more interesting in supporting their egos than in teaching. Some dusted off the standard indicators without adding useful insights to trading them. Some professed to have a unique approach that had a high probability of success, but never revealed the details necessary to fully understand the process for implementation. Some offered impressive back-tested results of their proprietary(?) systems but had never traded them in real time. Some had the personality of a train wreck and thus couldn't teach a squad of troops with diarrhea how to get to the latrine. I could go on and on, but you get the message.

With that experience, I arrived at your home with skeptical anticipation, at best. That feeling was soon relieved. Your reception was warm. The atmosphere for learning was friendly. The method of instruction was designed to accommodate each attendee's personal needs. Your desire to imbue the proper trading skills was obviously sincere. The approach was hands-on rather than professional. The structure was flexible. A thorough understanding of a key principle was required before the instruction moved forward. All in all, the instructional experience was most enlightening. On top of that, it was fun, an essential to the learning process. Anyone who did not go away a significantly better trader should not have come in the first place.

What was taught? Simple. The Plan, the Plan, toujours le Plan. Consistent profits would follow if one followed religiously a reasonable plan-not with blinders, but with a flexible discipline.

The idea that a trading plan is paramount over financial reward is not an easy concept to embrace. However, the more on analyses it, the more sense that notion makes. Profit won't result unless the plan works. If one is not getting profits, either the plan is faulty of its execution is flawed.

Moreover, a good plan account for the probability of losses-and, there will be some. However, when such accountability is incorporated in the plan, their appearance is not destructive to the mind of the pocketbook. The amount of profits will exceed, to an acceptable degree, the losses. If it does not, again either the plan is at fault of its execution is. Thus, there is a built-in test of the plan. Its success will bring happiness because that will not only insure profits, but also will satisfy one's ego, thirst for success in an adverse environment, desire for excitement, wish to prove one's self, or any other motivational itch. So, however you put it, proper execution of a good plan is tantamount to financial success and thereby is the goal to be achieved.

I won't comment on the detailed elements of the plan you taught except to say that it is comprehensive, executable by laymen and includes entry and exit techniques, money management principles and personal discipline factors essential to all levels of trading in any markets.

What else can I say other than, "Thank you, Joe." The experience was most pleasurable and rewarding. I look forward to some future association.

C C 2003

  8 February 2003

Hi Joe, nice to meet you

...after years trading with very little succees I have discovered a new complete system to trade "DiNapoli" system. Thanks a lot. After studying all educational material you sell, I only need your software.

Carlos L.

  6 February 2003


I enjoyed Joe's DVD tremendously. I was amazed what a difference it made to
see the trading method in practice as opposed to reading about it in Joe's
book. It helped me understand what was of primary importance and what was
only secondary or supporting information. Thank you Joe! And thank you,
Pat, for mailing it so promptly.

Many thanks,
John M.

  29 January 2003

RE: Coast Trading Package

Many Thanks Joe - works perfectly.

All the best - Andy

PS - enjoyed the DVD - You and Merrick make a great

  28 January 2003


The three period rule more than paid for the video.
I exited 2 bad positions and saved a bundle of $$$$$$ on gold and the
Chuck S.

  22 January 2003

Hi Joe,

Book was great ! Thank You !

Ray K.

  15 January 2003

Hey Joe,

I wanted to thank you again for a super seminar. Thanks for inviting us into
your warm home, you and Pat are great people and very gracious hosts. I wore
myself out thinking through the things you taught. I'm taking some time to
write an outline, kind of an expanded trading plan including the stuff you teach
about money management, coaching yourself, psychology, keeping a diary, etc. I'm
going to review everything one more time (audio tapes, videos, book, notes) and
buy the CTP Genesis software before I get going.

I wish you the best in everything you set your hand to,
Peter W.

  12 January 2003


Just to follow up.......
I received the new Chart Nav Pro with the CTP module, it is set up and works great !
Install was smooth, and the operation is simple.

Richard D.

  10 January 2003

Just spoke with Steve M. by phone. He ordered your new video on DVD.

He attended your lecture at a show recently. He walked out of another speaker's room
because the speaker dropped his paperwork and couldn't continue. Although he
entered your lecture late, he was still able to "get it". With what he
has learned about Fibonacci, he has been able to pay off his house and call am
market moves. His account was up 180% last year.

  10 January 2003

Hi Pat,

Happy New Year.

I got the two books last weekend and enjoyed reading my copy.
Very clearly written, understandable and looks to be based on very powerful

The other copy has gone to a friend and I am sure he will find it equally

Thanks very much,

Simon D.

  9 January 2003

Hi Joe

Just wanted to say hi to you and Patti and to wish you both a peaceful New Year.

There's not a day goes by that I don't want to thank you for teaching me how find the poetry in the markets.

Kind regards.

N. W.

  6 January 2003

Hi Joe,

First and foremost I have to applaud you on the great book. There has been no better, or simpler, book for developing a trading plan that I have read than yours.

Well done!!


Nick L.

  3 January 2003


I read through your book (TWDL) quickly and am now rereading it. Overall, an
easy to understand and enjoyable book; your approach meshes nicely with the
methods I use.

Dennis C.

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