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Testimonials - Here's what our clients are saying about us....
These are just a few unsolicited testimonials and comments we receive regularly.
We stopped collecting them many years ago... there were just so many.

Testimonials Year 2004

4th Quarter - 2004

  29 December 2004

Dear Joe:

I sincerely hope that you and Pat are safe and sound. I'm not sure whether you've made it to Bangkok or even if you can get there anytime soon. Whatever the case, I want to wish you a belated Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year. By the way, the more I study the market and trade, the more I've come to rely on Fib Nodes. The July seminar has made an indelible impression on me and I thank you for your expertise. Hope to attend an
advanced seminar later in the year if and when you get back to the states.

Best wishes,

  27 December 2004

Hello Joe

I write you from Spain. I bought your book more than a year ago; I´ve read it many times, and I´m still learnig more about your fantastic trading methodology with every read. The bulk of trading books I´ve read before are useless, but yours is brilliant from page 1 through to page 300. Thanks for making my trading much more profitable and let me to access trading ideas I´m totally agree with!

Now I ask you to think about the idea of coming at least once to Spain to present a seminar. What about 2006? I can imagine that a request like this it´s difficult to carry out, but I should express it. Hope to have the privilege of meeting you some day.

What else can I say other than: Thank you, Joe


  27 December 2004


Nice job explaiining that you can have RRT Short forming on the higher timeframe, and still stay with the trading plan on the daily. Just because you get a RRT on the higher time frame does not mean long term bearish, just retracement before the continuation, if everything continues as is. Thats what I learned. That is why I subscribe.


  6 December 2004

Hi Joe

When will the next seminar be in South Africa?

Your teaching has and is still improving my trading a lot, but a personal seminar would help a million.

Kind regards,

  3 December 2004

Dear Joe, Pat and Danielle:

Thank you thank you so much for going thru all the troubles to set me up with beta-testing streaming real-time forex data armed with Joe's powerful Coastal Trading Package. I can foresee many more successful fx trades coming to me thanks to your priceless help.

Good fortune to you all and a wonderful holiday season!


  3 November 2004


I have purchased your book trading with DiNapoli Levels here in the UK, having read it twice now (EXCELLENT BOOK!!!) I am now interested in purchasing your software to implement the studies.

I would appreciate any advise you can give me?

Kind regards.

  28 October 2004

…I know Joe himself spends his time in Bangkok and I would be very interested in learning how and why he made the transition to that part of the world and that area of trading. And more specifically, how his methods and strategies have weathered that transition.

On a side note, I'd like to offer my appreciation for the materials and information you have made available. I purchased the Trading with Dinapoli Levels book several years ago and it is one of the best books I have read on trading to date, and possibly THE best book considering that I picked it up so early on in my learning curve . It has proven to be an excellent resource again and again and I will always consider it both time and money well spent.

Thanks again!

  8 October 2004


Thanks for coming to our club meeting last weekend in Sarasota. This was one of the best meetings of the club I have been to, and I really enjoyed your talk and your perspectives on elections and world events. …


  8 September 2004

Good day.

I bought fibnodes software 3 days ago. God it and is working very nice. Very happy. Do I get a month or 60 day free trail on d-level alerts?

Thank you

  3 September 2004


Just got back to NY, I left Wed morning and so did Nick. We spend Monday and Tuesday reviewing our/your notes and discussing your distilled wisdom.

This was a real benefit. We learned a lot hashing around your ideas. …

You are a great teacher ! Really Joe, You are one of the best and believe me I ve seen em all. Few can enlighten and entertain simultaneously…

Again Joe, Great seminar, you really exhausted your soul and spirit teaching us.


  1 September 2004

Greetings Joe,

Thanks for your hospitality and the best trading seminar I have had so far. Having traded for 4 years now, I knew about indicators, both leading and lagging. However, its your seminar that provided the approach to use them in a structured way. The indicators you use and the unique way in which you use them are also the best that I have known so far.

I do plan to attend an advanced seminar sometime next year. Please place my name on the list.

I also learnt that you dont know you dont have a trading plan till you have a trading plan. My biggest problem before attending your seminar was that I did not have a plan.

Thanks again

3rd Quarter - 2004

  27 August 2004

Dear Kevin,

It was a pleasure to attend your seminar.
You explained it very accurately and helped my to better understand the ideas.

I am interested in improve my knowledge on DiLevels.

I have studied the book, the trading course, the DVD, I have the divider, the Trade Navigator, and DiNapoli indicators in it.
I will assist to the DiNapoli seminar in London the 24 of Octuber.
I have studied your charts and coments in and find them incredible helpfull!…

Best regards,

  18 August 2004

Dear Joe:

I hope that you got through the hurricane in good shape. There isn't a trading day when I don't think abourt you and your techniques. Thank you for your teachings.

I hope that all is well by you.

All the Best,

  12 August 2004

Hey my friend....
Im writting you cause you deserve imput on your genius work. As im sitting here drinking a glass of homemade wine.. listening to Moonlight Sonata. I realized the simplicity/esoteric/confusing ......relevence to your moving averages... though im basic to your mathmatics I relalized my foundation is dependant upon others (smarter people). Maybe you know? or not ....your MA's Are the "Lines of least resistance" Quoted by Jesse Livermore...Promoted by Wd Gann.. These averages are close to the squares within squares.Trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
…. BTW Your still the best

Faithfully yours

  2 August 2004


Threw a little Great British Pound Gibby into the ocean of the FOREX this morning&&.

I find myself using confluence and the detrend&&, that simple oscillator is a wonderful tool. Especially intraday&&

So again, thanks.

  27 July 2004

Hello Joe,

I am learning your "Fibonacci, Money Management, and Trend Analysis, In Home Trading Course":.
I am very impressed!

Thank you,

  21 July 2004

Dear Sirs,

I have just purchased your stuff and I amb happyly surprised with it! It is amazing to realize how it really works. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  19 July 2004

Hi Joe,

I wanted to get back to you earlier, but have been deluged this past week. The P Sem was awesome! It was great to be able to learn from your vast market experience and to absorb your wisdom. Please put me on your Bangkok list for future seminars.

Thanks again for your hospitality and superb teaching! And send my regards to Pat.

All my best,

  16 July 2004


The seminar weekend was well worth it. After reading the book three times and trying the concepts on my own, the seminar really put it all together, filled in the gaps, sparked the confidence, and offered many thoughts and ideas that were not in the book. Several new tips for trading, plenty of examples and applications, hands-on use of the concepts we were taught, and continual round-table discussion made the time pass quickly - too quickly. Now I can look forward to the advanced seminar, please put me on the waiting list.

Thanks again for all you did...


  16 July 2004


Yen 110.00. Employed almost ALL of the things we talked about in the seminar&&

1. Sold at initial confluence&&

2. It came back up to 110 again&. come on boys, get on board, we re going this way.. conversation comes to mind&.sold again.

3. Knew exactly where stop should be if it hit s here I m wrong.

4. Took logical profit.

Be well and see you around the town&


  13 July 2004


Let me start by saying that it was an honor to meet you& I mean that in the most sincere terms& I especially appreciate the no bullshit, casual atmosphere& you_ll come back in another life as a fighter guy, if you weren_t one in lives past& learn to fly, my man _ you_d love the release, and likely be a natural&

As for future traders interested in seminars with you, I_d be more than happy to speak personally with anyone& it_s their nickel, but 1-on-1 conversation is highly recommended& I_ll leave the _who_ part to you& anytime, anywhere& have them call my cell (see below)&…

The conversations on floor operations were priceless& they_re HUGE& they keep people out of trouble, and help with stop placement for sure…

…what I respect most about you (besides your obvious discipline, candor, and market mastery) is your burning desire to help others& it was completely evident to me from our first email exchange& you talk to others as if they_re your lifelong friends& that, sir, is a gift& you_re one of the best teachers I_ve ever met& and I consider myself lucky to have met you&

In closing, the best part of the experience was simply having met you and Pat& you guys are terrific& if I can ever assist either of you, or your many clients, in any way, please call me 24 / 7&


  16 July 2004

Hi Pat,

Just following up on this - I would like to start the 60-day access to the trader support and education services. I have completed about 80% of the book (wow, does it have a lot great information!) and feel like I am ready to further my knowledge base. When you have time, I would appreciate the necessary information to proceed with this.

Thank you,

  13 July 2004


Again thanks for opening your house to complete strangers. I trust that we treated your dwelling with respect for its contents and persons&& was certainly my honor to meet with you and pick your brains. I will apologize in advance if my eagerness developed your inner dialogue to exclaim: SHUT THE F UP … and let me answer the question&..

You are to be commended for even allowing to Naval Aviators into your house at the same time&&…

Please sign me up for Bangkok&..hope to buy you a screwdriver!

Be well and thanks again&..

  12 July 2004

Joe: The seminar was awesome! Thought the divider work was especially beneficial in calculating Fib nodes. There is something to be said about learning with more than one sense modality- the dividers provided both visual and tactile sensory input. That is why a workbook makes so much sense. The course was intense, well-organized, challenging and fun! Thanks to Pat for letting us use the house. Please put me on the Bangkok list. My wife and daughter would travel with me this time. Would appreciate the names of the no hand-holding brokers.

Stay well,

  11 July 2004


I thank you very much for your continuing supports. As I progress more in my learning of your trading methodology ,now I understand more of your repeated comments on how important it is to have a software that is matching one's ability. I realised how crucial it is to have all the tools you use in our software & to really understand how to use them properly…

I followed your advise in your previous email to read again TWDL. I must admit I have read this book over & over again and everytime I read it again ,I learn something more. I said to myself ,I will chew all the lines in the book into pieces. ( I know I am not smart ,I am just average person. I need to do the hard work chewing the lines into pieces.)

Most important I enjoy the hardwork & most grateful to have met wonderful souls such as yourself & those in the forum.

Sometimes I take liberty of thinking how old are you. I make myown guessing you finished your engineering degree + more than 30 years of trading experiences ,I would guess you are between 50-60 years old. But you look younger than your age. I wonder what is the secret?. Healthy diets ,routine physical exercises or you have some other secret recipes ?. I heard in US ,they have made available some kind of discoveries on how to keep one young forever. I am sorry for my digression ,I cannot help it. It just keeps on coming sometimes.

Keep well & best wishes,

  2 July 2004

Hey Joe

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what fantastic experience the seminar was last weekend. I came away with a much better understanding of all of the concepts in your books and videos and am anxious to apply those concepts in the markets. I really enjoyed the interaction with the other guys in the group. It made for a great learning experience.

Meeting a very successful trader like yourself and learning of the trials and tribulations you went through to get there has tremendous psychological value for someone like me.

Once again, thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.


2nd Quarter - 2004

  29 June 2004


I enjoyed the p-sem on 6/26-6/27 very much.The fib work was informative,however the thought process about what is actually taking place was very enlightening to me.Knowing what the "BIG BOYS" are doing will be enormously helpful.

Thanks again for a great seminar.


  29 June 2004


Just wanted to follow up and say that the P-sem was very enjoyable. I wanted to think to myself that I wished I could have found you and your material 10 years ago. But in all honesty, I doubt that I actually would have stuck with it for very long. I had to go down the trading path of heartache and misery, so that I could arrive at this point to truly understand and appreciate your work. I'd often heard the cliche of "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear"; but after 11 f… years, I was thinking my teacher must have died. Now thanks to your help, and having been dumb enough to not give up, the future is looking good. I've still got some studying and preparation to do, but now have a boarding pass to live in the land of smiles. I can smell the clams a steamin' right now!

It's hard to describe, but in hindsight, it was having the seminar at your house that was the "pixie dust" to allow me to have my "ah-ha" moment. That experience (up close and personal) made all the difference for me. You could have taught the same thing in a hotel conference room, and it would not have had the same effect. Thanks again for doing that at a modest cost. It's just awesome!

... It's all so clear. The market just "is" and "they" are not the enemy. The weak link is the guy in the mirror. Just trade the plan; don't reinvent the wheel. Thanks a $illion!!

So now I know what needs to be done, how I should think about markets, and a solid plan to follow. And if all goes well, adding pesos to the bank account should become just boring enough to keep life interesting...

So for God's sake put me on the list for an advanced workshop in Bangkok!!


  29 June 2004


Having attended a few seminars over the years, yours was comparable to flying first class for the price of coach ticket. It was a chance for me to see the thinking process of a professional trader, and more importantly how I need to think in order to have a fighting chance at survival for the long haul. As you implied, it's easy for a trader to ride on cloud 9 for many months while making great profits, but a bout of wrong thinking can make your account disappear faster than a poor mans girlfriend. You present a solid trading plan that's not theoretical, back-tested, classroom bullshit, but actual battle tested methods that you use and candidly shared with us. SOLID!!


  16 June 2004

Hi Joe

Thanks for the reply Its OK now thanks

Great book btw


  14 June 2004

Hello Joe,

Since the seminar ,I have been learning how to trade using your methodology for position trading as well as intraday trading. All is going very well, I am learning a lot from your posting on equities & bond and others' postings which are really very helpful.

I hope everything is going on well with you ,Joe.

All the very best,

  5 June 2004

Hi Joe,

I purchased most of your material about a year ago. I am a beginner. I thought I understood your material a year ago, but I realize now how much I was not able to integrate at that time. Since then I have made some other "investigations" and have continued to learn. ..

I feel that I am ready to take the next step after a complete review of your material and paper trading with your methods. I cannot believe how much sense it all makes after a year and some actual trading experience. ..

I have long term goals, but have learned to be patient now. I need to put together a plan of some sort rather than just randomly doing "this or that".

Also, is the MP3 version of the Home Study a little more understandable in regard to following along with the charts? What improvements did you make, if any? That course is excellent regardless....I am just curious. It is interesting to hear you speak about DOS and the versions of the software at that time in 1987. Looking makes me feel fortunate that we have the resources we have today. I am glad in a way that I did not have to endure the times when those resources were not available.

Thanks for taking some time.


  3 June 2004

Hi I'm a happy Trade Nav Gold customer - using the Dinapoli Coast Trading Package version. I have an enhancement request which would make the page feature easier to use and manage

When I have a page open which contains several charts…

I have these charts maximised and flip between them using the tabs (which is a great feature by the way). I'd like the ability to rename the charts to for instance - 60 minute exp, daily support, wkly support, wkly resistance, mthly trend. This would make it easier for me to keep organised. (I don't need a lot of characters…

Hope this makes sense. I don't expect an overnight enhancement (!), but thought I should let you know anyway.

(This can be done through Templates and the use of the new "Pages" feature)

  26 May 2004

Hi Joe,

I have read (and am still reading) your TWDL book and participated in the free seminars professionally and generously conducted by Kevin Riordan and Danielle Bourbeau. In short, I am applying what you are teaching on my trades, and I must admit that I am really glad to have come across your TWDL book. In due course, I'll be following the recommended learning path and hopefully attending your seminar and meeting you in person…

Kind regards,

  20 May 2004

Mr. DiNapoli,

Thank you for you excellent book "Trading with DiNapoli Levels".



  17 May 2004

Thank you Joe, for the quick response. While I'm concerned about not getting in, I understand the fairness of your enrollment process. I have read your book through once, immediately after receiving it a few weeks ago…

Since being educated as a mechanical engineer, I thoroughly enjoy the technical aspects of trading Joe, and found your book to be the most valuable document in my arsenal of trading tools, to-date. I presently use TCNet as an analytical tool, but will need to upgrade to another more significant tool, such as, TradeStation, eSignal or other soon. I am very curious about your "Thrust" program and obviously curious about FibNodes…I have also been to Kevin Riordan's site and viewed his online introductory seminar to your methods, twice. I continue to receive Kevin's weekly Trade sheet and appreciate his information. I have introduced Fibonacci concepts to my 12 year old son and he wants to do a study on the success probability of Fibonacci analysis in the stock market for his next year's science fair project. He won 1st place overall in the 6th grade science fair this year and wants to blow his competition away again next year.


  14 May 2004

Hi Joe,

You amaze me (I mean this in the most positive way) - you must receive hundreds of emails per day and yet, even with your busy schedule, you find time to answer each of us, and make us feel important. Your support and commitment to your students is simply fantastic - I thank you. (Sorry Friday night and probably a few to many beers!!!).

I will endeavour to purchase the software from Pat as soon as possible.

Again I hope that I can entice from the states or Asia to Perth, sometime - let me know how I can help.


  13 May 2004

Hi Joe,

Firstly I'm really, really enjoying your book.

Secondly - loved the DVD - I'm still to complete the home study course.

Thirdly - would still love to see you in Australia sometime soon.

Lastly - the preferred stochastic in MetaStock (V8.01) I gather we use the
"variable" method on the moving average?

Thanking you in advance.

Kindest regards,

  12 May 2004


How are you!

Well I have given up work for good and now am a FREE MAN! Investing/Trading a few hours a day, plus a couple of other things on the side.

Still working on techniques and psychology, but its all heading in the right direction! Of course the more I use your methods the more you see them working :-)

I am interested in the next Advanced P-sem you are doing - so please put me on the provisional list! Also had an idea of getting together with others in the UK who have are following your methods. I am waiting until I get a bit better (and read all the archived forums -…

Regards also to Pat


  11 May 2004

Dear Sirs:
I recently purchased the book "Trading With DiNapoli Levels" from you…I am absolutely delighted with your book and the clarity it has given me regarding both trend analysis and the proper application of Fibonnaci techniques. I feel I noticed on your website that I am entitled to 60 days free access to your proprietary facilities. I would like to request a password to access this area. Thank you again for an excellent product!


  3 May 2004

Joe, it has taken me a few days to get around to thanking you for the private seminar last weekend. ..

I enjoyed the time a lot and thought Bangkok was a great city. Sharing your apartment with a bunch of strangers for 2 days is a selfless thing to do, so thanks for your hospitality and generosity. The 2 days was truly valuable. Getting your direct interpretation of the approach and techniques in TWDL (from the horses mouth so to speak!) was excellent, but probably of more value was your knowledge of the way the markets really work, as well as how you organise yourself on a day to day basis with the tools. The discussions on the psychological aspects was great too, and pretty difficult to cover off given the mix of the group.

My task now is to apply all this. I had already started doing this before the weekend, and would agree with your comment (not sure where I saw this) that trading without DiNapoli levels is like trying to navigate without a map. Also expecting the MP3 trading course to arrive soon, which I'll study too. So I guess its pretty much down to me. One closing question which I think you touched on when we were there.........What do you typically cover on the advanced course, and do people typically wait to get some more experience, or do you reckon its good to do it sooner rather than later??

Thanks again....and all the best in the markets....I think we are in for some choppy action.


  30 April 2004

I'm now reviewing the MP3 disc. I've not come across such detailed explanation on the importance of money management before. I think it's excellent. The only 2 methods I know:
1. van Tharp : # of shares to buy = (2% x total capital) divided by (3 x daily fluctuations)
2. Larry Williams: every futures contract must be backed by U$10,000 (reason: don't over leverage)

Last year when I tried to find out about money mgt methodology, my trading friends don't seem to be perturbed by it. They told me not to worry too much as long as I don't overtrade. But I thought it was important as Jesse Livermore shot himself after going bankrupt the 3rd time, and that Larry Williams stressed that money management enables him to keep his money.


  23 April 2004

Thanks Joe,

I've read your book well over 30 times. Hope to have the privilege of meeting you some day.

You are correct. Esoteric mathematics does not equate to profits

God Bless,

  20 April 2004

Hi Joe

Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with your book, your website (client forums), and all the support provided by the experts. Don't want to bore you with all the details of my trading past, however I have been in the business for roughly 10 years, blown up 2 accounts, and the one I am working with now has remained just barely above water for the last 3 years. It is still above water however so something is definitely improving.

I have been paper trading using the material that you taught in your book, and I am sure that you have heard it all before, however I must add my 2 cents. In the past few weeks I have, using my new knowledge, been able to trade with a much improved success rate, and confidence is definitely improving.

Thanks again for, not only taking the time to write the book, but also for all the support provided on your website, and for being accessible.


  2 April 2004

Hello Joe,

I have read your book, done your home study course and attended your recent seminar in Singapore.

I just want to say thank you for making my trading much more profitable. Your whole methodology of using different time frames with DMA's and Stoch/MACD and FibNodes and using logical profit objectives has made knowing what to do so much clearer in many situations. I hope to be able to do a private seminar some day.

Thank you,

1st Quarter - 2004

  28 March 2004

…I always wanted to thank you for writing the books and courses. I would not let the book you signed for me go …I probably will not get to meet you until I can take the private course you offer... My roommate who trades commodities contracts is amazed at how I can tell what is happening to the charts.

Kindest regards,

  21 March 2004

I've read your book 3 times now and still learning from it, I know a little on technical analysis so I'm not a newbie to the subject but I'm learning and understanding more and more with every read.

As you know you can read about systems and strategies left right and centre on the Internet and in books, but the truth is the bulk of them are nonsense, well maybe not nonsense but close to it.

I like your ideas, I like the way you describe your ideas and the way you put your ideas across in your book, a system has to make sense to me, it has to be logical, your ideas make perfect sense to me and there's logic in it from page 1 through to page 300.

Congratulations on an excellent book!

Once again thank you for your advice and help.

Kind regards

  19 March 2004


After having read your book (which was excellent by the way) I am considering buying the Coast Trading Package. I particularly interested in the Oscillator Predictor and its use as a filter to keep out of bad trade entries and to take profit.


  18 March 2004

…I have almost completed the book and found it to be an excellent resource. I will immediately reread it again for obvious reasons. I will probably need to reread it many times over the course of my trading career.

Thanks, Mr. DiNapoli, for an invaluable resource.


  15 March 2004

Dear Joe,

I totally enjoyed your seminar last Sunday in Singapore. It made the Fib numbers more comprehensible. Your 1st "secret" about trading the Stops gave me a totally different view of the market movement and reversals. Amazing. I am still going through your notes and starting on the "Trading Bible - TWDL".

I am interested in attending your seminar in Bangkok.

Thank you and Cheers.

  12 March 2004

Hello Joe,

I thank you very much for your email reply.

Please register me for the P seminar in Bangkok for this April

I have just finished joining the free online seminar run by Genesis. If I may share my present feeling,I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to live on earth now while you are also here.

The seminar only showed us how to trade using D level. I can imagine what kind of valuable trading knowledge you will impart to us in the seminar when you show us how to use the indicators ,money management ,tactics,set up and others.

Please accept my greatest gratitude for going through all the troubles to make all this possible for us.

Sincerely yours in learning,

  12 March 2004


I have purchased your book trading with DiNapoli Levels here in the UK, having read it twice now (EXCELLENT BOOK!!!) I am now interested in purchasing your software to implement the studies...

Kind regards.

  09 March 2004

Hi Joe,

Terry here from the U.K, we spoke a couple of weeks ago.
Since then I have received your book and read it once it looks great, I need to keep reading and learning.

Many thanks

  04 March 2004

Joe Greetings

Believe it or not, I am following the learning curve portion of the website &..done the book (multiple times), did the DVD and would like to get my hands on the trading course. I've been actively trading the FOREX Spot Market for 1.5 years and have found your methodology particularly adept to that market. When it gets moving, being a Minesweeper kind of guy helps && For some background _ I was introduced to the Technical Analysis field approximately two years ago and have been glued to charts and books ever since. I spent my first 11 years of adult life flying F-14s for the US Navy and the last 2.5 years working in a start up doing software for embedded training and simulation on a PC. It's been fun, but the charts are what passion me and to be quite honest _ I'm trying to build my utopia of staying home with the family and paying the bills. No illusion of grandeur here _ just being smart, disciplined and patient (trying to be Diligent Dan). I want to make money.

Thanks for letting me take your time & I believe a trip to Thailand is in my future&..pulled into Pataya Beach on the USS Nimitz back in 97_. Not sure they will let me back in the country after that port visit&&.!

Be well. Thanks for taking the time to write your book&..


  02 March 2004

Subject: Re: Long Term Reports with Audio Commentary

Hello Kevin <>

Just wanted to quickly tell you that your new style of Long Term Reports with Audio Commentary is just fantastic. Clear, crisp and so easy to understand! I even sat my wife down (who complains that I talk more about
Joe DiNapoli than about her) in front of the computer to show her these reports and all of a sudden its "I can understand this, lets buy Coffee" says the wife!

Please keep up the great work.

Kind regards

  3 March 2004

Having read your book 4 times now (the elevator goes most the way to the top - but more like a freight elevator, heheh) and recently receiving the Coast software, all I can say is that I sit here slack-jawed as I watch the mkts turn on the numbers I have jotted in front of me. Your comment in the book about starting with a series of wins is spot on - a false sense of security could easily prevail. Luckily (?) I've experienced enough losses in the past to appreciate the seriousness of the game, and to internalize the importance of not making mistakes. Who knows if I'll still be here 6 months down the road, but I can't deny that at least I was given a helluva chance w/ your methodology. Your willingness to share has been truly appreciated in this corner.

Thanks, Joe.

Health and happiness...

  01 March 2004

Subject: Re: Long Term Report of the Markets 3-1-04 from Kevin Riordan of Fox Investments


This is tremendous stuff. I am learning from the masters. Your Gold and US$ index charts in particular are great for information and as learning tools, especially with the audio commentary.

I know what to look for in these markets, and as a consequence, in the Australian dollar as well.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

  23 February 2004

Hello Danielle and Kevin

I just wanted to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to attend another of your Joe DiNapoli on-line seminars. Each time I learn a little more and slowly the picture is becoming complete, you are a great teacher Kevin.

Danielle, thank you very much for helping me get on line with my computer problems. I really appreciated (and was amazed) that you would telephone me from the other side of the world when I am not even one of your clients. I hope to have more free time later this year to seriously look at trading the markets and there will only be one brokerage that I will be calling....looking forward in doing business with you soon.

Thanks again.

Kind regards
SB- New Zealand

  25 February 2004


Here are the few thoughts on my experience ….

Bangkok is a curious place. It is an amazing blend of opulent old-world temples, modern skyscrapers, and massive poverty that is hardly rational to a western mind. However the amalgamation of these seemingly disjointed elements makes Bangkok a richly rewarding experience for any traveler.

2 Day Private Seminar

The seminar was an extremely rewarding experience. The small group and intimate setting really helped to focus my mind solely on the topic at hand. Your style of teaching with compulsory participation for all members was excellent. It served a dual purpose. Knowing that you could be in the 'hot seat' at any time does wonders for your concentration, and having to explain a concept to another requires a solid understanding of the topic. I also found your knowledge of the inner workings of the markets of particular value in bringing clarity to what seemed before as a distant haze beyond my brokerage account. I now feel that I am a much savior investor.

I look forward to coming back for the Advanced Seminar.


  16 February 2004

Dear Kevin,

I would like to thank you for your time and all of your efforts, you presented a great seminar. I bought the software and the book, but found it to be a bit confusing, but with your explanations it clarified some of the material from the book. I could never trade again without using my FibNodes, … Thank you again......I am looking forward to being your client.


  11 February 2004

Hi Joe,

I have read your superb book, Trading with DiNapoli Levels, several times and have studied the material in great detail. I am currently going through your Trading Course Tapes and am eager to learn more of the finer points of your trading methodology.

Although I am a practicing retinal surgeon, trading has become a passion for me. I am predominantly a technical trader and have been quite successful over the past several years. During the past 4 months, my interest has turned to the Forex market and futures. I initially came across your name on indicators shown in the Global Forex Trading software platform and subsequently researched your work and recently purchased your book. I have not come across anything that presents a trading approach with as much precision, detail and brilliant thinking as your book. After I have mastered your ideas, I hope to check my understanding by backtesting (if possible) in TradeStation and/or paper trading. At that point, I will implement your approach in live trading.

Joe, your clever and insightful analyses of the markets are awesome and it would be a privilege to be able to attend your seminar, to learn as much as possible directly from you and to be able to pick your brain and share ideas with you and the seminar participants. Could you please include me on the list for attending your Private Seminar …

Best regards,

  10 February 2004

Joe as for the seminar
Since ….your private seminar I have traded on a demo account for one week making the OP on all my trades. I have started this week with my life account and made two trades in the first 24 hours of trading, making huge profit.

You trained me to trust my trade and stick with it. To read your book is one thing but the only way to make sure you understand it and can apply it, is to attend your private seminar. Without this I could not have done it.

As you now I'm trading Forex and up to now I have only traded the EUR/USD, wait until I start trading more currency.

Once again Thank You for everything I am looking forward to attending your advanced seminar. (second half of the year)

SM - South Africa

  9 February 2004


Your private seminar was excellent. I believe I have ordered most of your products following your recommended learning path: TWDL, DiNapoli Levels Video Training Course, The Trading Course and the CTP graphics software with access to you client pages. I must say that the information you have provided has been the best I have seen and you go through great detail with your actual trade plan. I found the private seminar extremely helpful because you have a wealth of information and the private seminar really helped me to tie together the information I had already learned more concisely. I am looking forward to attending your advanced seminar once I spent some time practicing the lessons I learned from your private seminar.

Bangkok is a wonderful place to visit. This was my third visit to Thailand and I am now looking forward to my fourth. What I really like about Thailand is that the people are extremely friendly and courteous and Thailand is a very beautiful country with extremely beautiful women. Everyone in the seminar would not hesitate in extending their stay if they could because the found plenty of interesting things to do. So my advise to anyone attending the Thailand seminar, plan for an extended stay!


  3 February 2004

Hello Joe

May I take this opportunity to personally thank Pat and yourself, for your hospitality, a great seminar and an enjoyable time in Bangkok.

After attending your seminar, I intend to focus solely on the trading practices that you use.

…..I have been on many training seminars I consider yours to be the best one yet!

Many Thanks

  2 February 2004

Subject: Bangkok Private Seminar

Hey Joe,
(regarding a Thailand Private seminar)
Thanks again for everything. I had a blast. I can't wait to get back. I had to just about
drag Eric onto the plane.


  2 February 2004

Sir, thank you for writing such a wonderful book.

I live in Pakistan …is there any place from where I can get formulas of your indicators for use in MetaStock? Thank you for your time.

Looking forward to your reply

2 February 2004

Thought it was an excellent book, has helped me immensely in my trading. In fact that book I refer to as the bible of trading.


  22 January 2004

Subject: Re: Follow up to your attendance to the Fibonacci Online Seminar yesterday,

Dear Mr. Kevin,

My name is Dragos, from Romania.
On the first hand, I thank you for the time you invested in this seminar. It was the first live course which I attended, so I do not have a term of comparison, but what I can say is that I understand more about how Fibonacci works on different time frames and how they interact, a good course !


  19 January 2004

Thanks J,

I finished the first sweep of your book over the weekend, and am going back over it. I like the perspective of FibNode and will work on that more. I like your combination of 'tools' for decision making input, very much. They have a degree of flexibility that caters for market peculiarities that may not have a historical benchmark. I find that an attractive as other technical based systems are confused by situations that have no historical benchmark. There is also some rational understanding.

Congratulations on the book once again.


  15 January 2004

Hi Joe,

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I have already ordered the Trading course. As soon as I finish with it I shall subscribe to eSignal , CIS and FibNodes to do it right. I currently use Advanced Get with TCNet, and have tried several others. Your program is definitely far superior. I feel I have only scratched the surface and in the last month was up by $ 10,000 in my IRA trading account - thanks to your book and the DVD. My main forte has been Options trading, but with your system stock trading has become as effortless as doing a Cataract surgery.

I am a relatively new trader. Knew nothing about the market before March 2001. Decided I could lose my money just as well as the jerks I had been hiring to manage my portfolio previously and maybe learn something in the process. Really enjoying it. Obsessed about it just as I am with Ophthalmology practice on a full time basis.
I would appreciate any help I can get and am thirsty for more knowledge. Shall follow your seminar schedule with interest the next time you are in the States.


  15 January 2004


I'm looking forward to taking the Genesis Thrust Scanner out for a test spin. By the way, the more I use Genesis CTP, the more I like it. They put a lot of work into making it a comfortable ride ...


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