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Testimonials - Here's what our clients are saying about us....
These are just a few unsolicited testimonials and comments we receive regularly.
We stopped collecting them many years ago... there were just so many.

Testimonials Year 2005

4th Quarter - 2005

 30 December 2005

Dear Danielle,

Just a quick note to wish you and your company best wishes for the New Year.

Cannot thank you enough for your site and your companies active help to other aspiring traders. Thank you for inviting me to your last lecture…

Good fortune,
RB United Kingdom

 29 December 2005

Hi Pat,

Hope your holidays are going great! I enjoyed talking with you in LV. And Joe really impressed me with his willingness to share. I learned alot of little things (and big things) that I have never heard from anyone else. My
husband says a visit to Thailand is a distinct possibility... Hooray!...

Take care and have a great New Year,

 27 December 2005

Joe, would you please put me on your (short) list for Bangkok, ... Your seminar in Vegas was excellent thanks again.

IG Canada

 21 December 2005

Please tell Joe we LOVED his seminars (we went to all three) and are literally devouring his book - and starting to dream of coming to Bangkok for a private seminar one day. His book is so well written and easy to understand - all the more so because we got to see him in person, and can hear his voice come through his writing. We feel very blessed to be able to have access to an understanding of the market as profound as that which he is sharing with us.

Many thanks!

 21 December 2005

Hi Joe,

I just wanted to thank you for generously sharing your knowledge with us at the Las Vegas Trader's Expo. I am very impressed with your passion for the markets, your honesty, and especially your willingness to share your
experience with others. I have been trading using Fibonacci ratios for about a year now but after reading your book, my trading went up to an entirely new level. I have been able to tighten my technical stops upon
entry greatly (!!!) using the 3x3 DMA, double-repo, and confluence. Also, your seminar in LV gave me alot more to think about and work with. When time permits, I definitely look forward to taking your seminar in Thailand. So anyway, you are my hero... Thanks again, and keep up the great work!


 21 December 2005

Hi Jo,

…At some point, I'd like to be able to trade as a full-time professional, but I realize it may be difficult to ever reach that goal without a mentor. From the hundreds of trading books I've read and websites and courses I've reviewed; I have to say I'm very impressed with your work and know I could learn a great deal from you! Your material and style speak to me and I think I have the personality to trade in a similar fashion.

………..I've learned a bunch from your book and other materials. Thanks for making them available...I've already made a little dough and can see the great potential when properly applied.


 18 December 2005

I purchased "Trading with DiNapoli Levels" at the Traders Expo in Las Vegas this week. I was told that I could get access to the webpage if I contacted you. I found the short presentation that Joe did at the Expo interesting and informative and definitely got my interest. I am half way through the book already and can not put it down.


 8 December 2005


...I was sitting back thinking about people who have helped me along this journey I'm on and I thought I would check in &..I'm not out of my drawdown, yet, but I am now becoming consistently profitable. What a gut check dude &.the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. To be quite honest, I would have taken a night carrier landing before trying to speculate for a living a couple months ago! J
But, I'm alive and kicking&.

….I'm managing some money and with a track record plan on opening up my own money management group….

So thank you for writing your book, doing your DVD and, of course, opening your home to me &..

Hope all is well in your life with you and Pat


 7 November 2005


I recently finished reading Joe's book...I must say, bravo...very well done! Perhaps the best trading book I've ever read and I have several hundred on my shelf. I am particularly impressed with the fact that the methodology is very thorough and precise and yet it is still very much a keep-it-simple approach. I know that may sound contradictory, but anyone that has read the book will know exactly what I'm talking about.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler"
-- Albert Einstein

I'm now looking at purchasing the DVD and Trading Course to augment what I learned in the book….

Lastly, I just heard that Joe will be participating in the TFNN Tiger Workshop in Florida this coming January...that's great, I was thinking about signing up, but now I definitely plan to attend...hope to meet him there. I've been looking for a trading method/system that would help improve my results in range bound markets and I think DiNapoli Levels may just be the ticket. It always amazes me how one comes upon things at just the right moment in time...if I would have read your book a year or two ago, it wouldn't have had much impact on me, but as the ancient proverb states, "when the student is ready the teacher will appear".


 7 November 2005

Hi Pat,

...My brother who lives in Tokyo has seen a trade I made on USD/CHF using Joe'stechnique and was very impressed, so I expect you'll be seeing an order for the book from him shortly ;-)

Thanks and Regards,
AL Australia

P.S. The book is superb!

 6 November 2005

Morning Joe,

Many thanks for your kind reply and for remembering me. It would be a dream come true for me if I were to attend an advanced seminar with you. I would be at a loss for words if I were to attempt to explain how helpful I found the first seminar and your book were to me…

By the way, I heard somewhere that you may be making a speech in London on Nov 12th. Is this true? If it is, then I will pop down to London and say Hi.

Warmest regards
AM United Kingdom

 30 October 2005

Hello Pat

I have decided to transfer my account to FOX, in order to take advantage of the fabulous Dinapoli Retracement and Expansion tool, which I had the good fortune of seeing in action with LB. If i had had the opportunity of seeing Dinapolis work, I would not have hesitated to transfer the account, weeks ago.
I suggest you try that method, let people have a look at the product for a short time, you would do twice as much business.....YOUR PRODUCT IS FANTASTIC, let people know about it, see it in action and they will jump on it,,,,,,,,just a bit of marketing advise. [smile]...


 26 October 2005

Dear Danielle,

Joe's indicators look wonderful!

All these months waiting were worth, not only because of the indicators, but because of the quality support I'm getting from you.

My mother and I really appreciate your help through all this process.

Thank you
NP Columbia

 14 October 2005

Event Name - Trading with Joe DiNapoli's D-Levels using CTP (PPQ818368)

RM: i enjoyed the presentation

LL: Excellent presentation Kevin Thank You Learned to use the focus point at the start of thrust bar up or dowm

DO: great,worth staying up for[UK]

HN: thanks a bunch Kevin, well worth it this evening

V&DC: Thanks Kevin and Danielle -- always interesting and good practical info -- Cheers

MS: Been trading for 10+ yrs and finally believe can make $$ w/ this type of system!! Buy Joe's system! Thx

PK: Great seminar Kevin. It was the best 90 minutes I spend on my trading education.

MS: Hats off to Danielle and Kevin for helping new and old traders.

CSH: thanks for the great seminar!!!

FP: thanks very much.. really enjoyed another great seminar! see you in feb!

LS: hi kev wil you be doing an advanced webinar?

LL: Kevin I would pay for an advanced webinar

MS: I wish I had brokers like you over the years. Where have you guys been when my account was being smoked by xxxxx, and xxxxxxxxx This is all you need in a system.

HF: very good presentation, looking forward to buy the book

HN: any live seminars on the west coast

DO: cheers

KW: Good webinar!!!

DO: are you in the uk


LS: ok kev may see u in Australia one day, well done thanks mate

LL: The book is excellant Just Buy it

KW: Where can we purchase the book!

MS: Order Joe's book and get Video's. Then get Genesis system w/ Joe's software, and set up w/ brokers like you. Thx for the call today Danielle!!!!

DO: please come to the uk

RM: that would be great!!

KW: Thanks again!!!!!!!!!

 14 October 2005

I can't begin to tell you how satisfied I am with the level that my trading has taken since having read your book and using you tools.
Thank you for caring and Thank you for having a member on your staff like Danielle she's great!

Thanks Again

 11 October 2005

Hey Joe,

I just got done with the Chicago seminar with Kevin. It was great. I would really love to come to Bangkok. I noticed that the 3 day was filled. If something opens up, I would love to hear about it. I realize that you probably have a waiting list, but you never know. ..


3rd Quarter - 2005

 28 September 2005

Hello Danielle

...David and I would like you and Kevin and Justin to know that if you guys aren't aware of it already -- you provide a top quality and truly honest and transparent service. We appreciate your looking after our managed account for us…

V & DC Australia

 22 September 2005

Hi Joe,

I really enjoyed attending the private seminar. If you are running another similar session (even session of the same level) and you are having short fall, do let me know. I will gladly join again even in very short notice.... I'm serious.

The seminar really helped me to recap what are those important points of your trading methods shared in your TWDL book. Of course we also leant other techniques which was not in the book. The discussion on my weakness of not able to follow my trading plan with the others was also very helpful. I think I might have already overcome that problem! For your information, I shorted USA 30 yrs bonds and had the position before attended your course. I closed the trade last Friday and I followed my trading plan though at last the first time !! The price reached OP at 114^14 and bounced right back. My order to cover back my short position was set at 114^14 and it was filled amazingly. I gained confidence now to follow my trading plan.

Thank you Joe for your guidance and I hope to see you very soon.

Kindest Regards,
CSH Singapore

 15 September 2005

Hey Joe,

I thought the casual, open atmosphere was just perfect...very conducive to learning...absolutely didn't feel any reservation in asking anything on my mind.

I believe anyone who has read 'TWDL' would have lots of questions; just by the very nature of the methodology being a judgmental one. Having a chance to clarify stuff with you in the setting of a private seminar was truly golden.

And the full realisation of all you taught didn't hit me until I came back and started trading. Only then did I realise I was looking at the charts with just that much more insight.

Thanks again!!!

CT Singapore

 14 September 2005


I fall in love with Bkg night life. It goes far behind my wildest dreams It is like heaven in earth. Thank you a lot for opening this door to me.


 31 August 2005

Cheers for the great book,

MJ Australia

 30 August 2005

…. I would like to commend Joe on an excellent book and I would like to Thank him for sharing his many years of observations about the markets and trading.


 24 August 2005

Hi Joe,

I just received an email asking if I want to be notified of any private seminars,you are running. My answer is yes please.

I have improved my market analysis tremendously and I am still happy with your trading plan and MACD _ Stoch combo. I have improved my understanding of market analysis to take into account many more finer points which will take me to become an expert through a lot of practice & experience. I am sure this may be the point where I need to meet you again over a private seminar.

S Australia

 23 August 2005


Hi Joe,

Thanks for a great Seminar in Bangkok. It was so great to get away and be totalled focused on learning. You really tested and pushed us to our next level of learning and in my case, readiness for trading. Since returning I have already put on a long term trade after a 2yr break from trading.

Really enjoyed the sensational food, sight-seeing and the night Bazaar. Looking forward to my next Seminar with you and mini holiday.

DD Australia

 12 August 2005

Hi Joe,

Wanted to email you to say thank you and tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. Having a very small group as you do makes the whole experience much more beneficial and relaxing. It also makes it much easier to meet, share experiences and compare notes with others in the group. Definitely the best way to learn! I do know that what I learned in the 2 days with you will go a long long way in achieving what I was looking for
out of the seminar, namely more precise entries with clear cut targets. I have now started setting up my charts using what was taught and have started poring through the forums to add to what we covered in the seminar. All
going well I look forward to coming back again, along with the rest of our group, next spring.

Thanks again for a very enjoyable and valuable weekend!

SC Hong Kong

P.S. The 4 jackets I got from Jessie were excellent.

 10 August 2005


Just arrived back in Australia and would like to thank you and Pat for your hospitality (food was excellent, night markets- ran out of time there, and really enjoyed my massage by No "32"-couldnt believe she was walking up and down my spine! and laughing and my complete lack of flexibility.

I found the seminar extremely valuable and am still absorbing all the learnings, I certainly realise how much more work I have to put into improve my understanding of your methods and also to improve as a trader…

Definitely keen to come back and will fit in with any timing that the others agree on,

once again my thanks for a great learning experience

MS Australia

 28 July 2005

Dear Joe:

Well, its been a little over a year since I attended the intro seminar at your home. Have just read TWDL for the "umpteenth" time and must say that I always find something to help me hone my trading skills. Job and family
preclude me from doing this full time, but my growth as a trader has been steady and slow. So, just wanted to wish you and Pat well, wherever you are, and thank you for being such a great mentor.

Best wishes,

 15 July 2005

Subject: Thanks for the great email with all the info

It has been a few decades since I last did Fibonacci so I appreciate a lot your support.


 10 July 2005

Mr. Joe DiNapoli:

I meet you several years ago (1987 I think) in Chicago in one Jake Bernstein's Seminar, (as we came in the room you had your computer set-up on the left side of the room). I recall you very exactly, because of an statement that you made in that seminar, that with your oscillator predictor you predicted the crash that took place, I can't remember how close you were.

It was a long long time ago and I was doing Futures, T-Bonds, etc. I lost $30,000+ in those days and ever since I always wanted to get back in the market and do day/swing trading. I am an Elite Student of OPTIONETICS ($24,995 1-year) and belong to several different organization, but no-one's software and or methods comes-close to what you did in those days using (I recalled because I purchased one of then EPSON COMPUTER using CPM and TQ2020 for $5,000 and a monthly $800 real-time satellite datafeed).

Needless to say I learned to respect the market and now days I AM EXTREMELLY HUMBLE when it comes to it, I read a lot about it and today when I was installing my TRADE NAVIGATOR (from your picture show-up in the website.

I just wonder what are you up-to now days, I see that you either live in Thailand or thereabouts, I myself spent 3 years in SINGAPORE & Batam Indonesia and is where I am going to retire in August 2006. ..

I am interested in FOREX market and would like to get back in FUTURES and I feel I don't know enough about the Futures markets and don't want to make the mistake I made before.

I would like to know when may you be in the West Coast …so perhaps if you have a seminar, I would like to attend, and also would like to know about your software …

Thanks for your time.


 7 July 2005

Dear Joe,

I am following your ideas for some time now. I am begining to aply them throught Kevin Rioldan and it makes me very happy. However I would love to attend a private seminar with you. ...


 4 July 2005

Hi Joe

Many thanks for your email are watching the charts closely. We are now back to business after the close of our financial year. We found the seminar very worthwhile as a reinforcement of your book and concepts. We intend to use them. We have just finished a very good year and expect by using your fibnodes and profit objectives to improve returns for the coming year.

We enjoyed Bangkok, despite the heat, our accommodations at Grand President were great, and the people most obliging. Thanks also for your recommendation to Queen Thai Silk they did some lovely work for me.

Will keep you posted on our progress!
R & MM Australia

2nd Quarter - 2005

 25 June 2005

Hello kun joe,

Thanks for all your info it was a real gem. The best part about it was that you told us stuff which is "inner circle" intended and that is really appreciated

….. thanks for the great weekend

DC Australia

 23 June 2005


Thanks for an excellent private seminar in Bangkok.

I never thought I would literally travel to the other side of the world for a seminar on any subject, but yours was well worth all the trouble.

Having been hooked on your approach to Fibonacci for a few years now and, having bought and studied every product you have for sale, I figured that there was not much more I would learn from a personal meeting.

Boy, was I wrong!

The personal approach you take with your students is outstanding. You analyze their approaches to trading in painstaking detail and provide specific recommendations for their trading and personality styles. You made sure we understood what you were teaching with some devilishly tricky tests. It's so easy to miss the subtle aspects of the DiNapoli approach if you're not careful.

Plus you told us about the stuff that, for various reasons, didn't make it into Trading With DiNapoli Levels. Much of this was really eye-opening for me. The information on market mechanics, for example, was priceless. And I honestly don't know anywhere else in the world that this information is available without kidnapping a floor trader and holding a gun to their heads. I'm both amazed at what goes on and, at the same time, shocked that people (including myself until now) trade the financial markets without this understanding.

You also told us how your approach to trading has evolved and refined since the book's publication. I am finding the modified trade plan you gave us to be extremely helpful. And even just seeing how you have your charts laid out on your own trading machine has had a big influence on my own approach. I now have much cleaner charts, each successive one drilling-down through the timeframes and concentrating on a particular aspect of the trade I am analyzing.

As a relative newcomer to the markets, I've gained a vast amount of trading knowledge in a very short space of time. My whole approach to the markets is now becoming more disciplined, methodical and patient. I now understand clearly that if I plan the trade well, and trade the plan well, then I will do well.

Thanks again, Joe, It was great. And I'm looking forward to coming back for an advanced seminar sometime.

United Kingdom

 13 June 2005

Morning Joe,

I hope all is well with you..I wanted to thank you for all your help during the seminar in Bangkok. I really enjoyed it, and benefited from it and sincerely look forward to attending an advanced one at your convenience. ..

Warmest regards
AM United Kingdom

 9 June 2005

Hi Joe & Pat

Have confirmed booking for Grand President ...Looking forward to seeing you. So far adapting our trading plan in include de Napoli levels has produced excellent results. Anxious to learn more.

R&MM Australia

 23 May 2005

Subject: Re: Link to the Latest D-Levels Financial Forecast for the week of 5-23-05 by...



 23 May 2005


Here's what I would say to a future attendee…

"It's more like a workshop than a seminar, and as such it's even more effective. It was a fantastic way to put a lot of what I have read and trialled on my own into a perspective that would be hard to do without
countless hours of trial and error. Some of this perspective came through examining issues that are not able to be captured in writing including personal motivations, personality styles and stress management. The workshop
environment also allowed me to meet with other people doing the same things as I am, and this not only added to the experience for the weekend but really allowed one to feel more confident with ones own decision making
processes as situations were discussed and moderated with Joe's guidance. I would highly recommend the workshops as an important step on the way to becoming a complete trader."

NS Australia

 19 May 2005


Thanks for everything.Your a real down to earth person and it was a pleasure to meet and speak with you.

This seminar was something I really needed. I thought I understood alot but was wrong about some of it and without the seminar i'm not sure if or when I would have noticed this on my own.

You cleared up alot of questions I still had from reading the book and the trading course, and the material covered that was outside the course will benefit me alot in my future trading.

You're right, this seminar did accelerate my learning curve.

Also, I was very impressed with the other attendees. Very smart people and I learned alot from them.

In closing, I have more inspiration and plan to continue on my path and will hope to attend another seminar in the future.

Thanks again,

 17 May 2005

Hi Joe,

I am back at work this morning a little tired after hitting the tarmac in Sydney at 7am.

I found the weekend very valuable and helpful thanks for your input really appreciate it.

The other thing that was good about the weekend was spending some time with other people doing the same stuff as me I was thinking on the plane that I might see if they would be interested in a peer review meeting each week or so a chart review to help keep the focus and momentum going with a group that worked pretty well together on the whole. ..

Kind regards
NS Australia

 16 May 2005


Dave Landry here....(author of Dave Landry On Swing Trading, and "Dave Landry's 10 Best") Read your book, good stuff!


 30 April 2005

Dear Pat,

Thank you for your reply, I have finally received the book and I have read it. I think this is one of the best books I have ever read on trading!
Again, I would like to say 'thank you' to Joe for an outstanding book and Joe, your strategies have already helped me make a great profit in the forex market!

Best Regards

 29 April 2005


Great seminar! My first small trade using Joe's approach (after a couple of false starts) paid for the seminar in 2 hours, including paying for the false starts!

Thanks for your help

GB Australia

 25 April 2005

Hi Pat,

I have read through the book and found it very enriching.

PP Singapore

 21 April 2005

Hey Joe,

...I've been going through TWDL and also the 'Home Trading Course'...excellent stuff.

Pls put me on your private seminar waiting list. Of course being that we're now're going to move me right up the list right? ;)...

Best rgds,
CT Singapore

 21 April 2005

Hi Joe,

Thanks for sharing with us your wonderful methods of trading in the seminar organised by Dickson in Singapore last weekend.

Your enlightenment on Fibonacci levels was eye-opening and wish I could have had known you and your works many years ago.

Meanhwhile, I am very keen to enrol myself to the personal seminar which you will be conducting in Bangkok, kindly allow me to sign-up in the waiting list.

I wish you the best of health and hope to see you very soon.

Thanks & Warmest Regards,

 19 April 2005

Hi Joe,

I like to sign-up to the waiting list for personal training.

I just attended your trading seminar in Singapore (organised by Dickson) over the weekend. I have been attending numerous seminars, I must say that your seminar rank the top. Very practical, easy to understand and it works very well.

I am a heavy user of fibonacci projections and retracements. Your seminar have given me a whole new dimension to trading. Thank you Joe.

BTW my first day of trading after your seminar, I manage to capture a good run in the USD/CHF (130pips) and EUR/USD (110 pips). More than enough to cover the cost of the seminar.

Thank you very much and have a nice day cheers!!

JL Singapore

 14 April 2005


first and foremost the one truly classic memory that is etched in my mind;
the "mini orientation seminar".I met you only once before and i regarded you as a mentor and a master of trading knowledge.but at that very moment i realized that you are also a #*&%#*$#& lunatic (like myself)....and i knew THIS IS GOING TO BE #$*&$$#// GREAT!. I will be 80 yrs old , sitting in my wheelchair drueling
on myself , and still remember that moment.The whole trip as you know was a
last minute scramble, and i had my doubts. I literally said to my friend 2 nights prior " I must be out of my #@**&% mind to be going there only knowing one person from one prior meeting"

It was a life changing trip that was totally fulfilling in many aspects.I can say that i will never look at things in general the same way again.diversification was what made our group work so had a blue collar fire Lt, a white collar corporate man, a blue collar utility worker......and.....the sensible guy.

PLEASE give me a heads up to when there is a tentative date for the next


 11 April 2005

What an excellent presentation at the preview today!

I wish to confirm and book my order of 1) DiNapoli Trading Video (DVD version) with Merrick Okamoto
2) 2) Course only (WITHOUT Divider & Applications Manual) I may buy Fibnodes 5 later on the website.

Happy client,
SO Malaysia

 2 April 2005

Gday Joe ... hows things . Man i got to say thanks for the seminar last week ,very refreshing to hear someone talk about the games that the big boys play, who they are , the info they have avaliable to them , and how they take money from unsuspecting pockets …. Anyway I have been keeping a close watch at the methodolgy and spotted out some beauties …

Cheers look forward to hearing from you .
AH Australia

1st Quarter - 2005

 28 March 2005

Hi Joe

I hope you are fully recovered form your down under trip. I attended the Brisbane day seminar which was a great day. I have been enjoying the Forums on the web site, sure is a wealth of knowledge in there.

I have also connected with GFT re forex and I am hoping that you and them will finish off the system so we can trade it soon. There are a number of people looking to use GFT since your visit and I am sure it will be very profitable for them (the DiNapoli tools) over time through increased customers.

Theres an old saying that goes when the student is ready the teacher will appear and I believe that is what has happened here, after spending some years studying TA and a small amount of time part time and then fulltime trading I was lacking the business reasoning behind a number of the systems that I was attempting to use.

Your trading methodology resonates with my business background and I am now powering ahead both in my Di Napoli studies and practical trading applications.

Anyway, not to bore you to sleep, I am emailing to see when the next lot of P sems are coming up either later in the year or early next year. Your web site suggests to email you about this.

CM Australia

 28 March 2005


Your indicators are quite phenomenal. I hope that you do not mind however I have been working on these with MC here at GFT. Matt is a manager of the Ada sales team and is familiar with your work. He is very impressed with what has been done…

Thank you,

 26 March 2005

Hi Pat,

...When Joe was in Melbourne, Australia a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending his very informative talk.

I purchased his book on the night and it was delivered within a few days from across the world. Great service! And also a great book - one of the best I have read.

Many thanks.
MK Australia

 26 March 2005


I attended your seminar in Sydney last weekend and found it really worthwhile. I have ordered your book and DVD and am working through the trading course. Still on a learning curve.

I would like to register my interest for the private seminar...

Hope you have a Great Easter

MS Australia

 25 March 2005

Hi Joe,

I did your seminar in Sydney and I expressed an interest to attend your private seminar in Bangkok. I have been following your work since 1998 when I first bought your book. Took me a long time to figure things out and after your seminar in Sydney a lot fell into place.

Before I attended your seminar I had read extensively into Fibonacci stuff, having attended several local seminars etc about that topic….

I would be most grateful if you would consider me as a student to attend your seminar in Bangkok. Please give me as much time as possible to organise my schedule, …etc.

I have been trading the Aussie market for a number of years and my education has been painful (as all trading students are), however I am committed and will take whatever it takes to be a great trader.

I will get the Trade Navigator before I go and would have learnt already from what you have taught me. However it would be a final lesson for me to sit and learn in your presence for a day or two.

Thank you for the wonderful seminar and I must have read your book about 10 times or more by now. Please let me know early and I will get organise immediately.

DC Australia

 25 March 2005

Hi Pat,

I have seen the DVD's, and I thank the CIS staff for this valuable content. I like the password for the free 60 days access to the subscribers website.

Best regards,
PB Netherlands

 24 March 2005

Hi Joe,

...First, thank you again for sharing all your knowledge so freely. It was a great learning experience. I feel as if I have been given a permanent set of winning Lotto numbers. I just have to learn to apply them correctly. To this end, I've just ordered from Pat all outstanding study material I did not already have. I will also join your forum and newsletter service.

Second, I would very much like to attend one of your private seminars in Bangkok. Please let me know when you have some firm dates…I see a lot of fun work ahead of me in the next few months.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful Easter.

Best Regards
MP Australia

 24 March 2005

Hi Pat,

…. The book is great and has opened my eyes to practical application of Fibonacci.



 24 March 2005

Hi Sir,

Without doubt, you are one of the most popular and veteran trader today. It is therefore my pleasure to know you, and to read your book ....Could you please refer me to someone who can tell me about your Full package? Thanks.

My deepest regards and appreciation of you,

 24 March 2005

Hi there Joe

...Thank you for your comments, I am putting my heart & sole into trading and am extremely pleased to have been able to meet you. I found that your methodology has a good fit with me, built on my past knowledge, provided clarity, confidence and has indeed, added good focus to my trading plan, thank you very much....

Have a great Easter holiday
Until then
With best regards
NK Australia

 22 March 2005

Hi Danielle,

I much appreciated your call and the info you passed on to me. ..

Yes, I do have Joe's fine book. I spoke to him briefly at the Australian Technical Analysts Association meeting on 7 March at the Mooloolaba Yacht Club on the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane, while he autographed it
after his talk to us. I spoke a few words of Thai to him as I had worked in Thailand with students in the 70's for two months at a time for at least four years.

Kop khun mark kup (thanks muchly).

Kind regards,
PS Australia

 21 March 2005

Dear Joe,

This morning I find out yesterday the evaluation form I did hand to David.. in here I want to said to you the course is the bestest one which compare to my leaning all the course. I think If I can caouch up It would really really change my life. thank you again .I will study hard. I wish see you in July. My English is no very good. Please don't laugh at me .Now I can't wait your book coming. Thank you again

All the best

LW Australia

 21 March 2005

Howdy Joe

That was truly a great two-day session for David and me -- Day 1 totally reinforced our initial Day 1 in Brisbane and made us feel totally comfortable with your methods and by the time we had finished Day 2 we both knew that we had finally reached the summit of our search for THE method and strategy that fits our individual trading styles and personalities. David and I trade together as a Team -- we have always called ourselves the "Uni-Que Team" -- and we do think alike on a great deal of things.
So we want to say once again: Thank you very, very much for visiting Australia and being prepared not only to share your methods with us but also thank you for having persisted over the years researching so much and for so long to fine-tune the Di Napoli techniques...

We are both very keen to progress to your Advanced Personal Seminars but only when you believe we are ready.

Please say hello to Pat for us and tell her she is one very smart lady for living with a Genius and THE Best in his chosen field of Trading and Training.

Cheers for now....
The Accountant and The Programmer

 20 March 2005

Thanks Kevin,

Your presentation was truly excellent.

I learned a lot from that and you delivered it so well.
Every attendee I spoke to gave you a glowing report.

Was practical and pragmatic and interesting at the same time.

DH Australia

 20 March 2005

Subject: re webinar

Hi Kevin

Just a note of thanks for your presentation to Sydney today with Joe and
David Hunt. It was an excellent presentation and everyone spoke as to
how much it helped their understanding seeing your application of Joe's
methods. I know it has helped me.

Regards Adel

 17 March 2005

Thanks for arranging the Joe DiNapoli evening. He is a good and straight
shooter who allowed his methods to speak for themselves....

all the best

 17 March 2005


What additional materials would you be handing out in the course? I particularly like studying the thought process you go through in the trade examples in TWDL. The examples reveals much useful information which can only be fully extracted after multiple readings interrupted with lots of external research in between readings. Different set of words jumps out on each different readings.

CO Australia

 11 March 2005

Many thanks, Joe
I will email David about my attending at your seminars later.


…..Wow!!!...Your Fibo staffs are really GOOD!!!

Let's have your trading seminars in Tokyo this summer!!

 9 March 2005

Hi Joe-

I wanted to get back to you after I had reviewed and documented my notes from the seminar (in case, I had questions). Thanks for the great seminar. It easily
exceeded my expectations. My expectation from the seminar was mainly to see you trade. However, the new material I learnt seems like exactly the stuff I
needed to improve my trading, especially intraday. The way you use the interaction of price with Fibnodes, MACD predictor and stop locations for real time trading along with the use of price divergence, tick volume and DOM was, without a doubt, very advanced material. I think the fact that all the members of
the team were advanced really helped to keep a fast pace for the seminar and so many topics could be covered.

Even though I did not have the time to go around the town much, Bangkok is arguably the best town I ever visited. It was like you have pleasant and sweet-natured people from countryside in a big-city setting. Great combination!
I am positive that I will be returning for a seminar again and to travel around the country a bit more…

Best regards and thanks again for a great seminar.


 1 March 2005

Dear Mr. DiNapoli,

I have been studying your book for about one year. I thought the book was enough for my Fibonacci understanding but days ago I purchased the in home trading course and I'm glad to find new valuable things for my trading knowledge. Now I think your seminars should be a great learning experience. …

Muchas gracias Mr Dinapoli,

Greets from Colombia,

 25 February 2005

Hi Kevin,

I have just attended your Genesis Fib online training feb 24th 7.00 Pm MT. Great lesson.

…After seeing your lesson for the first time, I will be buying Joe's book. I have arranged to be at Joe's 2 hour presentation in Brisbane 8th march 05.


 21 February 2005

I visited your session in Las Vegas in November and
thought it was one of the most refreshing and
enlightening sessions I attended….
I hope to see you again soon.

Best Regards,

 6 February 2005

February 6th, 2005

Hi Joe,

Thank you for the private seminar in Bangkok, and the warm hospitality in your home.

The private seminar was vaulable in revealing alot of holes in my knowledge of the fundamentals which I wouldn't have realised from reading the book, until you beat it into my head. I thought I understood alot of the materials, but I realise it's the little details that matter and give you the edge in the markets. Being exposed to your trading mental process allowed me to see what successful traders go through.

Since the private seminar, I have been reflecting on how I want to trade. I've come to the conclusion that being selective by looking for high probability trades with proper money management techniques is what I will be focusing on. High probability trades comes with confidence in the trades being high probability, and that comes with seeing enough trades unfold. This is what I will be focusing on.

My first time in Bangkok was great! Great food, sightseeing, shopping and nightlife!

Please let me know more about the advanced seminar, and when you will be holding it.

Thanks again, and all the best!

AL Australia

  1 February 2005

Hey Khun Joe,

Sorry for the delay but I have got lots of work to catch up after spending almost 2 weeks in Thailand. First thingfirst, I would like to thank you for your hospitality and for "taking such good care" of us. Really enjoy my time there and especially on that very last night! That was some party we had!! Haven't had so much fun since I was back in school!! Everything was perfect that!!! You certainly are a good mentor and thanks for giving me good advice on how to be a good teacher too!: ) You certainly made the group work together as a team and pull each other along. The result was that we have form a very strong bond between strong that we want to come back for the advance together as the same group...can you imagine that!!!! …

I definitely enjoy the seminar thoroughly especially when you teach us on market mechanics and stops placement. That segment alone is worth the seminar's costs + my travelling expenses. It is simply mind blowing and is something you don't get to read in books. For rookies like me who have never been on the floor before, it is very enriching and enlightening. No words can describe the knowledge and experience you share with us on that day. Simply powerful!!! Hopefully, you will go more into it in the advanced. The only complain I have is that the seminar is too short or maybe time flies when we are all having fun!!!

Now for something about BKK. Food was certainly fantasic and cheap. Tried the fried grasshoppers and crickets on the very last day in BKK and ......I am still here safe and sound...studying the TWDL book and listening to the Trading Course so you can recommend the delicacies to the other attendees. After been in BKK for a week, there is 2 things I hate about the place....the massive Jam and the polluted air. I woke up every morning with a filthy nose!!! Thank god there is now the skytrain and MRT. Grand President is the Place to stay...convenience, practicality and fun is all in that area!!

I certainly will be back for the ADVANCED seminar, not to mention for shopping at the huge market Jatujak.
Can't wait to catch up with you BKK!! Put me in for the next advance seminar!

Best regards,

  31 January 2005

Hi Danielle,

Kevin did an excellent job in last Thursday's Online Trading Seminar. I am glad I tuned in.

I have ordered a copy of "Trading With DiNapoli Levels".

Please sign me up for the free trial of your nightly Trade Alerts.

Thank you,

  30 January 2005

…Just to say, thank you very much for everything and for your book which I have found to be immensely interesting.


  28 January 2005

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have come across your book which I'm now part way thro and wish to thank you for your straight forward teaching manner and trading wisdom which as a hands on fellow I can relate to. I've been talking to Danielle about setting up an account and Genisis about their data along with your CTP pkg and have been directed to you to ask my question of. When you talked of the learning curve and dues to be paid of $40,000. you hit home with the experiences I've dealt with…


  27 January 2005

Just a short note to let you all know Dave and I got home safely …

I don't know if you guys will recognize nanas in the daytime but I thought I would include that picture to help you remember some enjoyable evenings. The night Joe's class ended there was an elephant that walk in the bar and since I'm not certain any of you will remember that... I thought I would send you a couple picks just to refresh your memory.

I'm going back in May to retake the same class but this time I'll read the book first. I would like to thank all of you again for your kindness and help during the class. When I get my class notes typed up I will send you all a copy on the chance that I picked up something you did not hear understand.

I hope we all stay in touch as I feel I've made five new very good friends and I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at some time in the future, either in Las Vegas, Bangkok or any other place in the world our paths may cross.

Please stay in touch.

Take care and remember, your health is your choice, live in love and light.

  25 January 2005

Hi JD....still

how about this....

" To those among you who are this...

Do you want to feast on the best exotic fruits and foods....
Do you want to get deep in a culture....
Do you want to bury yourself in greenery......
Do you like swimming in crystal clear seas.....
Do you like the best choice of everything - and I mean everything - ..
....and last - but by absolutely no means - least.....
Do you want to find the Egyptian key that is phi and discover the supreme application of life's constant in price terms....

Then pray to be lucky enough to cross Joes path and get chosen somehow to attend one of his private seminars exclusively in the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand.

I was and I did. I also met an unbelievably great group of guys from across the globe and it all came together in the form of one seriously fantastic time......and.... I LEARNT HEAPS.....!

I'd recommend it to everyone on the planet......but obviously that aint prey for luck ! "

well thats it....
hope you like it and dont ask me to edit it...THATS IT....!

have a great day

kind regards

  24 January 2005

Hi Joe

Me and my colleague will not be able to make te seminar in May, but we are very excited about Bankok and will meet you if everything goes well within the next year or so.

We are have a lot of questions, but have been using D-Levels very successful, trading South African White Maize and All Share Index Futures.

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

  5 January 2005

Dear Joe,

As I implied, it s not really a big problem at all. I bought the book from Traders Library some time ago and my only regret is that I did not give it the attention it deserves much sooner. At first I had difficulties understanding it but anything that is really worthwhile takes a bit of effort, and that comment is not restricted to trading. Right now, I am nearing the end of my first fully comprehensive reading, and if circumstances permit I would like to read it all once more before the seminar at the end of March. I ve been around long enough to recognize some excellent material when I see it, and it s quite obvious a great deal of solid thinking and hard experience have gone into it. In short, I am looking forward to making your acquaintance and hearing what you have to say, and meanwhile I shall be preparing myself to walk away from the seminar with the maximum possible benefit.


  3 January 2005

I just checked Joe Dinapoli's web site out to make sure he's OK per last week's tsunami. I saw him in Vegas in Nov. and was very impressed with his material. That's where he mentioned he lived in Bangkok - so I went to the site to see if he's Ok and didn't see any mention of his status per the catastrophe.

Hope all is well with Joe.


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