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Testimonials - Here's what our clients are saying about us....
These are just a few unsolicited testimonials and comments we receive regularly.
We stopped collecting them many years ago... there were just so many.

Testimonials Year 2011

 January 18 2011

Getting off my knees with the help of (Joe DiNapoli) you and Tony.  Bleeding stopped and I am very excited to be back with a plan. 

Looking forward to 2011--finally after two yrs of hell, my health is back and you guys have changed my attitude on my business

Happy New Year

J T Texas

 January 21 2011


I'll definitely consider another advanced in the future. I've noticed a huge change in my trading after the advanced p-sem in Bangkok. Again, thank you very much for being a great teacher.

Sanjay G USA

 January 28 2011


Thanks for a great seminar, superb information and great people. Back in England now and hard at work writing up my notes.

Good trading and for me the next 6 months is basically trading education/trading, education/trading, education/trading. So if you email me next month and say 'come to Thailand and I'll pay ALL your expenses for a 2 week trip', sorry Joe but I'll have to refuse. But feel free to email me that offer in about 6 months :)

Alex H UK

 February 3 2011

Hey joe

1. thanks god and to u for DP. i also shorted but it cost me just little listening to DP.

Mony S Israel

 April 25 2011

Mr. DiNapoli,

I just purchased you book a couple of months ago and can't get enough. I am 28, and fairly new to trading. I am a numbers fanatic and your fib levels amaze me. I have been paper trading for about a month intra day and have about an 70% or a little more success rate netting 13% after losses (I have no idea if this is good though). I know I have a lot more trading to do before I put capital on the line,


 April 28 2011


Going through my take aways from the seminar I notice that we really got a lot of real pearls of wisdom on process, preparation, market insight and psychology, trade management and on an on.  This kind of coaching is priceless.  Thank you for your time and your willingness to share your wisdom.

I think I have a decent feel for what my weaknesses are and where they come from.  This is why I feel it's so valuable to get together with other traders with different strengths and see how they approach a situation.  That's why I wanted to see more of how you approach trades during a live market. 

Thanks again,
Lisa Canada

 April 27 2011

Joe, thanks for your note.  I just got home some hours ago and read this.

Your observation is absolutely correct.  I had originally planned to give myself time to observe for 5 bars on the 5-min after entry but I just did not adhere to the plan during the trade.  It takes a neutral observer to state that in clear terms, otherwise, I would still be making excuses for keeping my trade and figuring out where I can improve.

I already look forward to my next seminar!  I always seem to get a fresh sense of inspiration after these sessions.  And maybe, my schedule would allow me to join you guys for drinks then!  Was all set for Sunday but there is always the next time.

Acrux P Singapore

 May 4 2011

Posted by Narinder S

Recognizing a true RRT ( 04 May 2011 at 11:55am )

The Message:
And the 2hr RRT met to the TICK - beautiful - targets met. Thanks Joe !!

 May 9 2011

Hi there,

I have just attended Joe's 2 hour seminar in Singaore over the weekend and it was fantastic
Just the 2 hours alone , I have grasp so much information but I believe there is more .

Please let me know when the next Standard Private Seminar will be in Bangkok as I am very interested to attend

Kevin T

 June 30 2011

Hey joe

thank u very very much !!   i am still  a bit confused from the experience- but it is a creative and positive confusion... it was a great seminar and very important  experience to me as a trader.
u r not only fantastic trader and excellent teacher- ( i like your "cut the bu***t" attitude a lot)
but also a man i  highly appreciate in many aspects. i doubt if u really understand how much i am happy to your student and how u affect my
life and trading.
i will be back in the future, i am sure.

wish u all the best.
m s

 July 2 2011

Hi Joe,

I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to attend the seminar.  I agree that working with a group of traders is an invaluable experience.  I'm excited about testing and applying this when I get back to the States.

Talk to you soon,
Mimi Singapore

 July 2 2011


Really enjoyed myself and learned a lot. Most of all, I gained confidence (although still conservative)!

It is the emotional detachment and the absence of fear that has worked the magic. This is a discipline learned from trading. So trading has helped me in ways that I could never have imagined at the outset.

You wanted to work out a better way to trade so you developed a method based on practical experience that countered the issues you found. You wrote a book and developed software and you train people.

The upshot of this is that it was the work that you had done to develop your trading method that inspired me to keep going with the framework. I have started to write about it so there should be a book in the future.

In the meantime I will continue to weave trading through my life and work out the best timeframe and set of instruments that fits my lifestyle; and works in the Australian trading time window.

Thanks for all you help Joe. I will be back probably in the new year if there is space on an advanced Psem, and will keep in touch with items if interest.

Tony Australia

 July 15 2011

Posted by Allan L

Bill Williams question for DiNapolians ( 14 July 2011 at 3:33pm )

The Message:
Hi Joe and DiNapolean experts,

Joe had commented that him and Bill goes back a long way. Thus, Joe and Bill must have compare notes and methods in the past. Personally I find more similarities between the DiNapolian methods and the Profitunity methods more so than with dissimilarities. The differences are: Bill uses a longer set of smooth moving averages, different MACD settings, and Bill enters trades on fractal breakouts, while DiNapolian uses a quicker set of DMAs, customized MACD settings, and DiNapolian enters trades on pull backs.   Bill Williams likes to let profits run while DiNapolian take LPOs. Therefore, in a nutshell, these are the differences. DiNapolian also has a set of powerful directional signal trades, while Bill Williams had recently came out with one angulation counter trend trade. Thanks for any insights from any experts.

To be honest. I lost money using the Profitunity system, while I managed to stay in the black with the DiNapoli system so far, due to taking lower risk pull back trades. But I respect Bill Williams and think there are merits in his approach.

 July 18 2011

Mosaad E B Egypt

Posted: 17 July 2011 at 8:45pm
Hi Allan,

I have something to share with you here although I hesitate to write about it ,but after all I decided to write.

it's all about the learning curve we all traders follow.
after all the hits I took trading the markets, the high tuition fees that I paid over the years and still paying , at least a subscription fees to the life school :))

As a trader , you should know or figure out where you are in your learning curve and there is no other way but to talk to yourself , discuss your results and statements with yourself , I know we traders rarely go over our statements fearing to face the truth.

The learning curve we , traders , follow consists of three main phases .

first phase is learning about market selection or setup , we all start studying different systems and tools trying to identify trends in markets and conditions that may move the market to our knowledge. and then we try to apply it dreaming of catching the mega trend that will buy us all luxuries of life.
then our first tough lesson , you are right on direction and market , but you blow up! and worse enough the market took your money away and started moving the way you figured out!

this may take sometime , depending on us traders and the guidance we have. some traders may stay here forever!
but if you are lucky enough , you will move to the second phase .

Learning about your entries/ exits.
Now you have all the tools to figure out the direction at least you think so.
then you start learning about where to enter / exit the trade. and then for the first time , you may close a trade or two for a profit . but then again the time to pay your tuition fees. you start making money in 10 trades and then blow up in just two or one trade!
The market has done its thing to you again!

I'm right on trend , good entry as I usually do and exit in place but the market go beyond what you expect and then you got hit .
and I can tell you that countless times I nailed market moves to the exact tick but in the end I blow up.
I try to figure out why but I had no clue.

and during this phase luck plays a very important role, you can stay here forever or the master will show up to take you to the next phase and to be honest only a few talk about it. they teach you everything but they never give you the keys to the kingdom , they may tell you it's there but not exactly where you can find it.

and if you are fortunate enough, you will move to the last phase, management!

here you learn that trade/self management are the keys.
how you manage your position so you can survive the unexpected market hits.
manage yourself to survive to trade another day , to know that it's not the one trade you are in that will make you or break you.
you become interested in the career aspect of trading , you start enjoying how you make the dollars and not the dollars themselves.

and then you are on your way.

Why I tell you this , is because you are one the few lucky ones that luck / fate has brought to meet Joe.

The only approach that I could find with specific rules to cover all aspects ( Selection , timing and management ).

The only teacher who talks about practical money management, The only teacher who covers topics, to my knowledge , tha can not be found anywhere else.

things that no one will teach, others may teach you everything about their approach but you will still loose.
but to learn that it's management , this will be your biggest break through.

to sum it up, stop occupying yourself with useless issues, no need to compare, know where you are in your learning curve and get ready and be bold to move to the next phase without looking back.

start applying and stop figuring out.

Know that any plan is no good if you are not going to follow it.
this is it ,and I want to tell you that I wrote this so that one day some one may read it and save himself the pain of going through what I have gone through.


 July 22 2011

>Nice one with the seminar. Really learnt a lot, excellent value for money,
>and I'll be working very hard over the coming months with the strategies and
>ideas picked up.
>Have a good rest of the week in London and a safe flight back (to warmer
>Alex England

 July 21 2011


I'm sure you know that I was at the London Advanced Seminar a few days back. Great seminar with Pieter, learned a lot. You better watch it Joe because Pieter is snapping at your heels, maybe he might even force you into early retirement!

Also, I'm booked in with Tony DiNatale for a one-on-one seminar next month. I want to see how he's approaching the market from a longer term perspective. Haven't paid for that one yet, expect the money at the end of this month.

So getting plenty of DiNapoli experience and training. All going very well for me but my size is still really small, profits and losses are mostly well under 50. This business as we both know is LETHAL if you aren't at the top of your game, and I'm not there yet hence the small size. In retrospect the small size decision I made at the beginning of this year was a master stroke. My plan is to get everything worked out for a proper start with larger money at the beginning of 2012. That incidentally will mean I've been working hardcore at your stuff for about 18 months.



 July 28 2011

Hi Pat,
Thoroughly enjoying the book, would like to action my 60 password please.
I'm also seriously interested in your software, i'll probably be looking to set up a trial fairly soon.
I gather from the times of your responses to my mails your in Bangkok as well as Joe. What a great city!! :-) I'm a long haul pilot for British Airways and I'm often in Bangkok.  I can see myself signing up to a seminar, not sure if Bangkok or London would be my best option, but i would like to be taught by Joe if at all possible.
All the Best,

 August 2 2011

Posted by N S

Equity post June 2011 ( 01 August 2011 at 6:42pm )

The Message:

Just a point on that thought you menitoned below - the longer I have been in this game the more and more it's about this thought - almost everyday begins and ends with this thought process. Thanks for the reminder. Golden:

Ok one last thought--

talk to a good pool player-- it aint just about getting the ball into the pocket-- it is about positioning yourself for the next shot!

 August 5 2011

Posted by Margaret L Singapore

Equity post June 2011 ( 05 August 2011 at 11:38pm )

The Message:
Hi Mosaad,

I was lucky to have attended Joe's adv seminar in Jan this year. So I know how to apply all these. This time, I just look for index component stocks that met the following criteria:

1. Monthly below MACDP,
2. Weekly below MACDP,
3. Sell them when the daily is above MACDP and at an agreement point.

Tony's sharing and other experts just confirms my reading of the chart. Thanks to all!

 August 5 2011

Hi Joe,

My heartfelt thanks to you ... to have learnt the advanced techniques of TA from you. Although I have not fully sold all my fav longs stocks, I am really grateful that I can see the Tsunami coming this time and be prepared for it. Rather than looking daze and not knowing what to do. I even have some successful shorts. Many thanks.

Margaret Singapore

 August 23 2011

Hi Pat.

Do we need to bring laptops with internet connection? Do we need to bring anything special?

I am staying at Sukhumvit at the Sallil Sukhumvit Soi 8 and I assume it is walking distance to the training venue.

Thanks! Look forward to see u soon :)

PS: Wow, Joe's materials are amazing! So many Aha moments went off during the Video and the Course!

Attendee Standard Private seminar

 August 25 2011

Joe, your recording for today (11th) was of great value to all of us, and for me, remembering your instruments for trend IDing.

You keep well out there. We need you (Not just a question of money, BTW).


 September 1 2011

Hi Joe.

Thanks for taking your time to guide young traders like me! I had an awesome time in Bangkok! The P-sem was way way way beyond my expectations! I did my homework and was just expecting minor clarifications. Boy, was I surprised!

There are reasons why Joe is a top professional trader, and in the P-Sem, he shared with us how the entire market systems works! Joe held nothing back ... nothing! Knowledge of D-levels were key. I knew the D-Levels were powerful, but I did not know that they were so powerful as to be like the keys to the markets! To see how they exposed the games professionals play .... wow! Now, it is time to join the professionals at last! :)

To be honest, I did not expect to get the amount of clarity and top-knotch strategic information that Joe brought to the table information. The information we received totally blew us away ! As far as I am concern, Joe underpromised and overdelivered. I am glad I did the homework Joe asked us to do before the P-sem as the knowledge covered in the P-Sem really required the initial homework (knowing D-levels in detail, I was able to follow the keys to the market explanation clearly and concisely in the limited amount of time allowed!).

The Markets have been getting tougher out there lately. In the P-sem, I got clarity on what is actually happening. As a result, I am looking forward to join the ranks of the professionals (now I know where my Merc is going to come from at last! :) ). Oh yes, I tried to look up certain information that Joe taught in the seminar in the internet ... spookily it does not exist in the internet .... this is really classified classified market materials!

Joe did not cover the technical side only, he also studied us as traders and he knew spot on where each of our strength and weaknesses as traders would come from. That was uncanny! We could have picked up the best technicals, but if our psychology was not up to it, Joe highlighted it to us there and then.

I experienced Joe as a caring teacher who takes pride in what he teaches and takes care of his student's interests. For example, Joe would wait for all of us to have our A-ha moments before moving on ... no one was left behind. His language can be tough and insensitive at times, but hey, markets are tough and insensitive and we got used to it very quick. Big lessons on and off the field.

I would highly recommend people who want to bring their trading game to the next level to Joe's P-Sem. I should have done this 5 years ago when I first heard of Joe Dinapoli. Really wished I had done this way way earlier (could have saved me a lot of money, time and heartache).

Thanks Khun Joe. I owe you one!


 October 21 2011

Hi joe
good to hear u r ok . in the news it seems as if bangkok is sinking under the water and u were gone from the forum. i thought that is strange since we have a weekly buy signal.

hope to see u again next year.  previous p-sem has done great things to my trading. the bottom line is telling that.
keep dry and the girls happy.
see u
m s

 December 10 2011

Hi guys!!

It has been an amazing P-sem, with Kun Joe...

I am sure we all agree that we have learnt so much from Joe Dinapoli in a span of 3 days... thank you Joe.

Of course, there is Bangkok Thailand... (amazing too ; )

Had lots of fun.

Hopefully we will all stay in touch, and there is no doubt that all of us will go on to become great Dinapoli Traders.

Please find attached some photos, and more importantly, the email contacts for all attendees for the advance P-sem.

Best regards,

May Dlevels be with you...

Advanced Private-seninar attendee

 December 12 2011

Hi Joe.

Thanks once again for your invaluable guidance during the A Sem. A lot of things for me to refine and move on. Below please find some thoughts about ASem from my side. Do feel free to share the love with future participants.
Do keep me in the loop about future PSem and ASem.

Thanks a million once again, Khun Joe!

The Advance Seminar was a big eye opener for me. After having read Joe Dinapoli's book "Trading with Dinapoli Levels" and attending one of Joe DiNapoli's Private Seminars, I thought that I was well equipped for trading the markets. I decided to attend the Advance Seminar just to "round off" my education. 

My, the Advance Seminar totally blew whatever I knew out of the water! Someone once told me about the concept of "unconscious incompentence" .... something along the lines of "I don't know that I don't know" stuff. Well, by attending the Advance Seminar, I very quickly realized how much I didn't know, and I did not even know that I did not know ... until I attended the Advance Seminar! Talk about being shown the light! 

I very quickly realized that some trading parameters had to change. I picked up the importance of Advance Decline data, the importance of using Pit Data (against using non-Pit data which I was relying on) and many other critical finer details. We also traded the live market, which added a new dimension to the word "live education". 

The bad news is many of the stuff we picked up in ASem is not known to many people (can't find it on the internet ... I tried!). The good news is many of the stuff we picked up is not known to many people ... ensuring that we have an advantage over the mass of people out there trading their own signals in the markets! 

During the Advance Seminar, I also met a lot of other more experienced traders (people who trade real money by the bucket loads) who are thriving in the market place using Dinapoli's methods. The information and experience that these people freely shared with us was a great confidence booster to me. 

Finally, I realized "what works" and the beauty of it is, just follow the system correctly and you will do great! If you asked me whether I would go to the Advance Seminar, I would say it was a turning point in my trading career, and you will pick up what you need to pick up to take your trading to the next level ... guaranteed. 

I am glad that I made promised myself I would do whatever it takes to succeed ... then the universe opened the door for me to attend Joe's ASem in Bangkok (oh, I only got a spot because someone else couldn't make it ... else there was no spot for me). Other friends flew in from States and Middle East (miles and miles away) and walked away literally with tears in their eyes ... they had literally "seen the light" for their trading practice and their potential hedge fund practice. Oh, the experience that Joe shared about managing hedge funds .... it was heart touching and right to the point. 

It was awe inspiring for me to be part of the awesome experience. Thanks Joe,  for your love and invaluable guidance! I experienced that I was at the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Tang Asia

 December 13 2011

Joe, I believe I travelled the farthest this time, so I will submit something. If it fits, use it.  Otherwise....

Prior to the A-Sem with Joe in Bangkok,  I would never believe I had such cranial bandwidth.  No other explanation for the quantity of new and improved information downloaded into my brain.  I will be unpacking for some time to come.  Also, I was stunned to learn of 4 or 5 other people as passionate as myself at learning the profitable use of TWDL.  Finally, I could not overlook the opportunity to create a trade or trade setup Joe deemed worthy of use to instruct and enlighten the whole group.  Oh...what a feeling!


 December 16 2011


Everything I had hoped for, minus "boys night out", but we managed... next time!!  My thoughts are as follows and are quotable.

Trading is like a professional sport.  Professional athletes, as do professional traders, train, compete and are paid at the highest levels.  Without a DiNapoli education and training, one is a hopeful, minor league player playing in a very dangerous, even life threatening arena.  As professional athletes get hurt, sidelined, retired or die as the result of the game, so do professional traders.  Prepare well, learn DeNapoli, trade better.

Best regards,

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